Technology Help

  • Elementary Media Specialist and Tech Aides. This should be your first stop for help with technology. These people are right in your building and very knowledgeable. If they can’t assist you, they will know where to go for the help you need.

  • Elementary Technology Leader. This is the person you should see if you need help using and/or integrating technology into your classroom. Tech leaders offer small group and one and one instruction on both software and equipment usage. You can email you elementary technology leader at

  • Help Desk. If your media specialist or tech aide cannot solve your equipment problem an email should be sent the help desk. Remember in the subject of the email to include your school short name, your room #, and a short description of the problem. In the body of the message please include what has been tried already to fix the problem. You can email Help Desk at

  • Need help with PowerSchool or PowerTeacher? Send an email to the data department. The can help you with setting up an account, training, and any problems you are having using PowerSchool or PowerTeacher. You can email the Data Department Help Desk at

  • Need help with Moodle login and using moodle. Contact your elementary technology leader at

    • Need help with iObservation login. Contact Kara Wanzer at 
    • Need help with TTL4 student logins? New students are loaded into TTL4 bi-monthly. Please your elementary technology leader with any problems iwth student logins