Document Cameras

Uses of Document Cameras in Elementary

Preschool - Primary Grades Classroom Document Camera Ideas

(Ideas from

  • Show and Tell

  • Science Experiments

  • Zoom in on small items to see the details

  • "Big Books" - Big books are expensive. You can turn any book into a big book by placing it under the document camera

  • Math manipulatives

  • Place a timer under the document camera to help with time management.

  • Picture schedule. Place a picture schedule under the document camera. Turn the classroom document camera and projector on when it's time to transition to the next activity and show the students what the next activity will be. "We just finished centers (show picture of "centers" on the schedule), now it's time for math (show schedule picture that represents "math")

  • Demonstrating letter formation

  • ABC tiles - let students come up and rearrange the tiles to create words

  • Maps

  • Photos and images

  • Worksheets - students can view you filling out the information instead of just listening

  • Save images for later use. A classroom document camera connected to a computer can act as a scanner. Teachers can place items under the document camera and use them in class that day and "save" the image for future use.

  • Save an image of what you did in class on the document camera to place on classroom websites. Parents can "see" what their children are learning throughout the day.

  • Saved images can also be incorporated into PowerPoint Presentations and Windows Movie Maker to use in activities such as end of year programs, classroom review and back to school nights.

Avermedia Document Cameras

Dukane Document Camera
iPhone as Document Camera?

I did some searching for ways to use your iphone as a document camera with a stand. For the most part what I found is that if you get a iphone tripod adapter you can use it with a tripod and many tripods allow you to hold a camera upside down. So that would work. However, the most promising I found was from this site. 

However, you would have to make it. 

Also thought these stands looked promising but not sure if they would be able to get the image high enough for you and if they could go completely upside down. I guess if you hung it from something you could.