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October ROAR Newsletter 2017
Spanish & Portuguese included

2015 - 2016 School Year
October ROAR Newsletter 2015
January ROAR Newsletter 2016

Our King Street School Community


Question: What does a King Street Tiger and a King Street student have in common?  Answer: STRIPES!  Tigers have Stripes & so do King Street Students. Students at King Street have high expectations with the acronym STRIPES.   S= Safety T= Teamwork R= Respect I = Integrity P = Pride E = Empathy S      Question: What is Community Time?  Answer: The school community gathers together to take time to review each expectation of STRIPES (see above).  What do these qualities mean?  What do these expectations look like in the classroom, the hallway, the cafeteria, the playground or bus?   Each community time is a short lesson with Mrs. Hislop or Mr. Cerlich to review expectations.  Below please find some pictures of our time together.          Safety Meeting: What’s in the Bag                Objects in a bag shown to students to remind them of school safety rules. Introduction of Bucket Award from book, How Full is Your Bucket?                              Bucket Award   A Bucket filler is someone who uses kind words and actions towards others,                 as well as themselves.   Parents, this concept comes from the book How Full is Your Bucket? and is emphasized in the classroom, throughout the school and during community time.       Teamwork Meeting: Popcorn Game Teams discovered how teams work more effectively when they work together.                                                                                          Respect: Identifying respectful and disrespectful behaviors with green and red cards                   Integrity: Who you are when NOBODY is looking!  Students had fun creating improv skits, identifying what integrity looks like in school & students promised to follow the school stripes by adding their “hand” to the school banner.            Personal Best: We might not be perfect, but we can always push to our personal best!  Students are encouraged to do their best reading, writing and math in the classrooms and work is posted in the front of the school.  Sometimes doing our personal best is listening to the lessons                                                         Empathy:  Our community time began with a picture of a football player who just missed a field kick to tie up the game to go to the Super Bowl followed by letter from a seven-year old boy.  The letter read:  “Dear Mr. Williams, We just watched the playoff game.  I feel really bad for you but I wanted to tell you that you had a great season.  You should be very proud, so I wanted to say thank you.  I am your #1 fan."   The groups shared examples of empathy they received or gave empathy or made connections with characters in books they have read with partners and than a few shared out with the whole group.   Doing something to make that person feel better doesn’t need to be expensive or take a lot of time; it can be a letter, a kind gesture or a helping hand.  To this end, our students created handmade cards to send happy, get well and valentine wishes in hopes to generate lots of smiles at Glen Hill Care and Rehab Center, Hancock Hall and Gaylord Healthcare Hospital.            Strategy: Walk Away Music Video Walk Away by Debbie and Friends (Grammy Award Winner!)          November, 2013 Students were happy to show ways that they are thankful by each student decorating a “feather” displayed in the hallway at KSP and cafeteria at KSI.  In addition the students brought in cans of food donated to Salvation Army before Thanksgiving.  December, 2013 Students brought in hats, gloves and scarves to decorate the “Giving Tree.”  The pride they felt for doing something for another person was priceless as they hung their donations on the tree.  The Woman’s Center of Danbury, along with some of our own students in need benefited from this winter gift of warmth.    January, 2014 Students are bringing in Pennies to donate to a cause of the student’s choice.  While there are so many wonderful causes, the King Street Intermediate students decided the Pennies would benefit Sandy Hook Fund.  King Street Primary will begin this same project for February, 2014 with the cause to be determined by students.         Question: What is the Safe Climate Plan?  Answer:  Individualized School Climate Plan for King Street Campus  2013-2014   Individualized School Climate Plan for King Street Campus 2013-2014  In keeping with the Board of Education on Bullying/Cyber Bullying Behavior in the Schools, Policy No. 7-797, its accompanying regulations, and Connecticut State Law, the King Street Campus provides the following individualized plan for the 2013-2014 academic year.  This plan is in keeping with the mission of the Board of Education to prohibit bullying in any form within and outside of the school setting, and its additional goals of encouraging a safe school climate that educates students, parents and employees about bullying and endeavors to eliminate such behavior for Danbury’s students.  This plan is subject to modification throughout the year, and shall be modified annually.      I. School Climate: Students A.   We intend to hold school wide assemblies, in which some portion of the programming is devoted to bullying.   These all grade level assemblies will be in the form of “Community Time” which will be held four times throughout the year with the message about Respect and anti-bullying through the STRIPES expectations (Safety, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Pride, Empathy).  The school will work with outside speakers, including local officers, sports teams to emphasize respectful and kind behavior.  B.   Our campus will use multiple venues for communicating the expectations of the school.  STRIPE expectations posters are hung throughout the campus in all classrooms and special areas.  All students signed that they will follow the STRIPES and is prominently displayed in each building.   Student video was created to support teaching the STRIPES expectations in an interactive way C.   Our campus promotes unity and reinforces appropriate student behavior through the campus wide Positive Behavior Supports: Tiger STRIPES (Safety, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Pride, Empathy).   Students earn Tiger Tickets by following the King Street STRIPES from any staff member in the building and select students every other week are recognized with an award and have lunch with the building administrators.  These programs will be specifically tailored to enhance climate against bullying by developing awareness of respect toward others.  II.   School Climate:  Parent Communication A.   Our school maintains both a parent newsletter (ROAR!),  campus and school based web sites intended to keep parents informed, campus-wide Parent-Teacher Communication folder is consistently used for important information and active participation in the PTO meetings .  Featured information shall be devoted to bullying, including student, faculty, or parent writings.  Translations will be provided.  We will include two articles/columns/student work as a part of this communication program in order to educate parents about our school’s climate and the efforts we are taken to prohibit bullying and maintain a safe school climate in keeping with the Board’s mission.  B. This year, we will offer to parents annually a school based programing with topics that include: teasing vs. bullying; signs and symptoms; cyber bullying; and helping children develop skills to both prevent being a victim, and how to help a victim free of charge. C.  The administrator and safe school climate committee will work directly with the building’s PTO to provide programming and information to parents as a part of  at least one regularly scheduled PTO meetings held each year.   III.   School Climate: Teachers A. At least one building based faculty meeting and one Department or Grade Level meeting shall be devoted at least in part to a workshop model on strategies for identifying and preventing bullying (in addition to statutory required annual training on policy), specifically tailored to  King Street Campus.   This includes the Positive Behavior Supports, which includes many elements of the Responsive School.   IV.   Building Based Protocols  In keeping with the Board of Education’s Policy and accompanying regulations, in addition to the requirements of Connecticut State Law, this building has designated the following: A. Mrs. Tina Hislop (KSP) and Mr. Lenny Cerlich (KSI) will be the Safe School Climate Specialists, whose responsibility shall be the investigation of complaints of bullying.  B.  The Safe School Climate Committee shall be made up of members of the School Leadership Team, with representatives from each grade level, department and parent members.  This Committee shall meet regularly, in keeping with the regulations and state law.  All protocols for reporting, communicating with parents, disclosure of documents,  preparation of intervention plans, shall be posted in the Central Office and shall be made available to all parents, staff, students, and visitors to our School upon request.  These protocols are also posted on  shapeimage_3_link_0

Following our King Street Campus S.T.R.I.P.E.S.:

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