Health Services

Health Services       This page is currently undergoing updates  10/26/17

“Keeping Students in School, in Class and Ready to Learn”

The School Health Services in the Danbury Public Schools assist in facilitating student achievement and student attendance.  The role of the school nurse includes, but is not limited to

  • Promoting student health through prevention, early intervention and referral for the treatment of acute or chronic health care problems;
  • Reducing health barriers to learning;
  • Advocating for health and safety;
  • Collaborating with parents, health care providers, school support services and community agencies for managing school health issues;
  • Participating in Child Study Teams;
  • Individualized planning for students with health related issues;
  • Medication Administration;
  • Skilled Nursing Care;
  • Maintaining Immunization and Health Records
Please contact your school nurse if your child requires specialized medical care and/or medication administration during the school day.

The following guidelines should be used to assist families and provide guidance to School Health Services as we partner to provide a safe and healthy school environment for all students.


The use of medications during school allows children to remain in school and participate in school functions.

All medications, prescription and over the counter,  require a signed authorized prescriber's (physician, dentist, optometrist, advanced practice registered nurse, physician assistant, or for athletic events only, a podiatrist) order and signed parental permission.  No medications will be given without this form. All prescription and over the counter  medication must be in the original pharmacy bottle/container  and  must be delivered to the school by a parent or responsible adult.  Students may not carry medication unless it is medically indicated by a physician.

Tylenol may be administered by the nurse under a standing order from the district medical advisor only with a signed permission slip from the parent or guardian.

Students may be able to self administer medications provided an authorized prescriber provides a written order for self administration and there is written authorization from the student’s parent or guardian.  With the exception of Epi-Pens and Inhalers, the school nurse must  also evaluate the situation and deemed it safe and appropriate. 

Please see downloadable forms on the left menu bar.

When Should Students be Kept at Home?

Please refer to the "Sick Day Guidelines for Parents" on the left menu bar.

The school should be called when a student is kept at home and the reason for the absence stated. 

Please contact your school nurse for any guidance related to policies on specific illnesses or when there are any changes in the student’s health status that may affect their ability to learn or attend school. 

Required Physicals (Health Assessments)

During the registration of all students new to the Danbury Public Schools, parents or guardians will be advised that the Connecticut General Statutes and Danbury Board of Education policy requires a health assessment prior to attending school. 

 Health assessment requirements are satisfactorily met if: 
 A . A parent or guardian provides proof that a health assessment has been done within a 12 month period prior to attending school, fulfilling all mandated procedures. 
 B. A parent or guardian presents evidence that the student has been enrolled in another school within the United States and has fulfilled all the mandated health assessment  


A complete physical and updated immunization record is required by CT state law for all incoming kindergarten students and all 6th and 9th grade students. These physicals and updated immunizations must be completed on the state of CT blue Health Assessment form.  Physicals are accepted for one year prior to the start of the 6th and 9th grade year.

Please refer to the menu bar on the left to download the Health Assessment form.


Kathleen O'Dowd, RN, BSN, Coordinator of Health Services

Linda Benicewicz, Secretary 203-797-4827

Nursing Staff

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