Endeavor Middle School Program

The mission of the Endeavor middle school program is to empower students to achieve lifelong success while contributing to a diverse global community by fostering positive relationships, providing individualized attention, and cultivating academic excellence in a comprehensive nurturing environment.

The Endeavor Program is an alternative middle school for twenty-two identified, at-risk students. The underlying purpose of the program is to help students academically and emotionally in a supportive and comprehensive environment, so that they can re-renter the mainstream as transformed, more productive students. The backbone of the Endeavor program is P.B.I.S., a behavior system that impacts all school stakeholders. This behavior program tracks student progress throughout the day and provides rewards and incentives for students that succeed, and a means to remedy students who struggle. Students within the Endeavor Program receive daily academic classes on track with their home-school curriculum including Math, Science, English and Social Studies, in addition to daily social skills groups, twice weekly art classes and individual counseling sessions.

School Supplies, Homework & Gym:

New students will require 3 single subject notebooks for each semester (a total of 9 for the year), pencils and pens to last the entire year, at least one folder with pockets to hold classwork and homework, and a book bag. A TI-30X Calculator is highly recommended.

Students should expect daily homework assignments

Gym is held every monday at the PAL building. Please wear gym clothes. No sandals! 

School Calendar and Upcoming Events:

Every other Tuesday is professional development. Students Leave an hour early.

10-12 Crosby Street Danbury, CT 06810  (203)-731-8215


Jackie DiNardo, Administrator, DINARJ@danbury.k12.ct.us

Steven Frisch, Counsellor, frishs@danbury.k12.ct.us

Ms. Apuzzo, Art, apuzzg@danbury.k12.ct.us

Reach Staff:

Paul Gagian, Science & Math, gagaip@danbury.k12.ct.us

Mike Senese, English & Social Studies, senesm@danbury.k12.ct.us

Michael Tomassi, Assistant Teacher, tamasm@danbury.k12.ct.us

Endeavor Staff:

Michael Sheiken, Special Education, sheikm@danbury.k12.ct.us   

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Danbury Reach Alternative Program

Reach is a full day academic accredited program that is an alternative setting for Danbury Public Schools. It is designed for students grade 6-12 who are placed either by administration, a PPT process, or expulsion hearing. It is designed to get students back on track by reinforcing their positive behaviors and facilitating academic success for a return to the mainstream environment.

Reach features:
A full time LPC Counselor
Art Program
Small student to teacher ratio
Behavior rehabilitation though PBIS methodology rewarding positive behavior through daily rewards systems
Students who graduate receive a DHS Diploma
Post secondary programs for students to further education or job placement

Gym is held every Monday at the PAL building. Please wear gym clothes - no sandals!

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