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DPS STUDENTS ARE ON AN ALL DISTANCE LEARNING UNTIL OCTOBER 1ST ANNOUNCEMENT.  PLEASE USE SECOND LINK ON THIS PAGE.  ANY CHANGES TO BUSSING, WILL TAKE ABOUT A WEEK TO PROCESS.  Only one bus to/from school will be granted.  If you need to make changes please scroll to bottom of page and email daycare/alt address form to

Due to high call volume, your call will be answered in the order they are received. When calling the transportation office, please leave a detailed message with child's name, grade, school and explanation for your call. 

If you are a student registered with DPS for transportation, please see 2nd link below.

(Use this link, if you are NOT REGISTERED), and are just looking to see if a student gets a bus and what school a studnet belongs to:

VERSATRANS E-LINK School Look Up: (link) click on link to open



School, location and stop information

  You will need a student id, to login to username and password for both APP and LINK.   Please use oldest student, student IDif more than one student

example:   Username:  (student id)

                   Password:   (student id)

Step 1: For Students/Parents 

  (Download  this app to your smartphone to locate student's active bus, to and from school.  Please allow 10 minutes before and after normal time due to traffic or routine stops)

Versa Trans My StopMESSAGE FOR STUDENTS/PARENTS PLEASE READ(click Versa Trans My Stop, then click the link to read directions)

Step 2: For Students/Parents and Secretaries

(For school use and students registered with DPS or non public schools) Use this link to find Student's bus stop. Please use your Mystop username and password (student ID, if more than one student use oldest student  id to login), then click student files, view my students. 

 VERSATRANS E-LINK Bus Stop Lookup: (link)  click on link to open

Please call Student Transportation of America directly, if your child loses an item on their school bus at (203) 778-0782 x1.

Please print legibly and in detail, send to me via scan, fax, or mail
Alternative Address/DayCare Form (English, Spanish, Portuguese This form is to be used for any alternative pick up or drop off location or alternative homes within your child's school regular attendance area/district. Due to COVID Requests will only be permitted if your child will be riding the bus to/from the alt. address.  STUDENTS MUST RIDE THE SAME BUS TO AND FROM SCHOOL.
Request for Transportation Services Form  This form is used for route modification request, change of bus, joint custody.