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Incoming 6th Grade Students

Summer work is due September 4th, but will be accepted through Friday, September 7th, 2018 for full credit.
Assignment #1 
Directions: Please turn in your assignment with all of your work shown on a separate piece of paper to your Math teacher when you return from summer break.
    Looking for more? 
  • Want to get involved with your student's Summer Math learning?  
  • Sign up for the Commissioner's Challenge and receive a daily email from June 18th - July 27th with a different Math Activity each day. 
  • Print a Certificate for your child at the end of the challenge.
  • Click here: Commissioner's Summer Math Challenge and scroll down to the bottom to "Join In" and register!
  • NOTE: The Commissioner's Challenge is optional this year, not required, but if you choose to have your child participate, have them complete this reflection page and bring it into their teacher in the Fall along with the above assignment. 

Assignment #2
(All students enrolled in ELA, except for OVERALL LAS level 1 and 2 students, should complete the ELA assignment.)
Directions: Summer is about choices! Please choose two books that you will read, and choose one project to complete for each book.  You should pick books that are of interest to you and are at your reading level; however, be sure to pick a book that you have not already read.
  • Step 1: Choose two books to read. You may ask friends, teachers, or family members for suggestions.  Or you may visit our website for suggestions. This is the time for you to find a book that you will enjoy.
  • Step 2: Choose two projects to complete.  Using the list of project choices below, select one project to complete for each book you read. You must complete a different project for each book.
  • Step 3: Turn in your projects to your ELA teacher when you return to school.  You have until September 7th to receive full credit. You will receive one grade for each project you complete.
  • Be creative and have fun with your projects!  Turning in your summer work will start your year off with two great grades!