Complete two:  one for each book

Music Lovers!

Find song lyrics that connect to the book. You can focus on the plot characters, or personal connections that you have with this novel or the topic of the text. Write a paragraph that explains how these lyrics connect to your novel or text.  (F or NF)


Create a collage depicting a theme or central from the novel or nonfiction text. Explain how this collage depicts the theme or central idea. Use colorful pictures from magazines or draw your own.  (F or NF)

Scene It!

Pick a pivotal scene from the novel to dramatize. Choose 3-4 lines of dialogue to perform as a Reader’s Theater with one other student.  (F)

Dear Diary!

Pretend to be one of the main characters from your novel and write a diary entry from their point of view. Explain how this character is thinking/feeling about a pivotal event, major decision, etc. Reflect on what is happening as well as how the character may be changed. (Can be used for fiction, a memoir, or biography) (F or NF)


Make a public service announcement about the topic or theme from your nonfiction text or novel. Make it a short video commercial, or record your voice as if for the radio. Make sure your PSA has a purpose and will inform the public about the issue or topic. Include specific facts and/or statistics from your reading.  (F or NF)

Sneaky Snoop!

As an investigative reporter, you sneak into the home of the main character in your novel. Report at least 10 items that you find and include a picture (hand-drawn or digital) for each item. Also, include a written Explanation (2-3 sentences per item) identifying how each item connects to the main character.


Poetry Corner!

Complete a Bio Poem about one of the main characters. (Can be used for fiction, a memoir, or biography)

See website for further info

(F or NF)

6 Word Memoir!

Create two 6 Word Memoirs: One for a character, and one for the author.  

See website for further info

(F or NF)

Artist Alley!

Create a cartoon/story board (minimum of 8 panels) that is based on your novel. It may focus on a pivotal series of events or summarize the entire novel in chronological order.