Danbury Public Schools    

Alternative Center for Excellence
26 Locust Avenue
Danbury CT 06810
Principal - Sandra Arconti Atanasoff  
203 797 4786
Interim Principal - John Webber


At the Alternative Center for Excellence, a high school of choice, students develop intellectual, social, emotional, and personal skills necessary for success in a 21st Century global society.


At the Alternative Center for Excellence, we educate, empower, and engage students every day.

Upcoming Events

3/7 - One Hour Early Release
3/9 - Ice Skating Incentive Trip
3/14 - STARS Trip
3/21 - One Hour Early Release
3/28-29 - Camp Herlich Trip
3/31 - Quarter 3 Ends

4/4 - One Hour Early Release
4/5 - SAT Daytime Testing
4/10 - 14 - Spring Break - no school
4/25-26 - SAT Make-ups


School Governance Council Information

SGC committee members:
Parents: Cristalba Paulino, Joan Ledoux, Kimberly Lewis, Katy Vecchia, Sherry LeBlanc, Gayle Fernandez Cooper, and Carol and Aaron Bowman.
Teachers: Melissa Stancek, Glenda Armstrong, Rob Melillo, Laura Blake, and Joanne Tolles
Community Members: Nancy Berman and Sue Webb
Students: Eavyn Fernandez and Maddie Batista

Educate - Empower - Engage