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FALL 2017

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August 18, 2017 

Journal Fill in the missing information

Entomologist  ------  ?
?  ------  Studies elements, atoms, and molecules
Physicist  ------  ?
?  ------  Studies water and the water cycle


- Class Syllabus: Finish reviewing Class Syllabus (Student-Parent-Teacher Contract to be signed and returned by Monday)

- Notes and Discussion on the "Metric System"


- Turn in "Student-Parent-Teacher Contract" signed by Monday (8/21) 

- Be studying the "Super Scientists" for Quiz #1 next Thursday (the name correctly spelled and their job description)

- Materials Check next Thursday - Be sure to have all materials and your binder organized as instructed on your class syllabus


August 17, 2017 

Journal (none)


- "Super Scientist" Decoder W.S.

- Class Syllabus: Required materials for class, and "Bart's Place" class homepage

** There is a partial solar eclipse occurring next Monday at nutrition.  With permission forms signed, you can view this phenomenon on the 400-level basketball courts at nutrition.


"Super Scientist" W.S. due tomorrow


August 16, 2017 

Journal (none)


- "The Mousetrap Puzzle" work in pairs - turn in when finished

- Class Syllabus: Required materials for class


Student Information Sheet due this Thursday


August 15, 2017 

Journal (none)


- Welcome w/Student Information Sheet (due this Thursday)

- "The Mousetrap Puzzle" work in pairs 


- Student Information Sheet due this Thursday

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