1. Q: Where can I access the Presentation from when we set up our device?

A: Welcome to your Device!

2. Q: How do I sign in to the WiFi at school so that I can log on to the computer?


3. Q: How do I connect to a new printer at school?


4. Q: How do I connect to my printer at home?

A: The same way you would connect to your personal printer with other computers. If you do not see it when attempting to print, you will need to install the driver. Google (model of printer)+"driver" to try installing it. Seek parental help if you cannot solve it on your own.

5. Q: I signed in and a window popped up about setting up a PIN, how can i make it go away?


6. Q: How do I connect to my One Drive?

A: When the sign in page appears, if it requires an email address to sign in then use StudentID@dallastownsd.net. When hitting next, it may appear with a new sign in page with email and password. Do Not click or type anything and the screen will disappear. If the box appears again, close it out because you are now signed in and it should not ask again.

7. Q: How can I get to Google when using Chrome?

A: If you try to go to google.com and Chrome gives a DNS error, please use Bing or Yahoo instead. If you need google then please submit a Ticket so that we can resolve the issue for you.

8. Q: How can I add printers to Google so that I can print in Google Docs?

A: Use the picture provided to add the printers to the Google account, if this doesn't help use the option to Save to PDF when printing. Then print using the saved PDF.

9. Q: My Keyboard/Mouse will not respond, the screen is very dark (No back light), or other necessary functions are disabled, what can I do to fix this?

A: On your keyboard there are keys labeled F1 through F12 in orange. Above them are symbols for hotkeys that control your device. Above F6 will disable or enable the keyboard, above F8 will disable or enable the mouse, and above F9 will disable or enable the back light (screen brightness). You do not need to hold Fn to choose these hotkeys.

10. Q: I keep getting a notification to update my computer or my computer never received the update, what do I do?

A: Go to Settings and check for updates under Updates & Security, the major update needed is Windows 10 Build 1703. The update can take up to an hour to complete so we are encouraging you to not perform the update while in school. We have seen several instances where the update failed, mostly due to not having the device properly charged or plugged in. Updates should only be initiated while the device is plugged in. Should it fail, Windows may never perform a recovery of the Operating System and an icon will placed on the desktop. This icon will ask to upgrade to the latest build of Windows 10 and pops up every time you restart the computer. This method of update does not work following a failure, and you should simply delete the icon. To update your computer, download and install the update though the Update and Security section as stated at the beginning of this answer.

11. Q: How do I sign in to Dallastown Accounts?