Fact Fluency Practice

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Forward progress is expected to occur in the program throughout the year. Here are the goals students are working towards:

  • October 31st- Finish Addition
  • December 31st- Finish Subtraction
  • February 28th- Finish Multiplication
  • May 31st- Finish Division

Reminder: Students have been working in this program for 2 years. MOST should be almost done or totally done addition at the beginning of the year. All students are given 3-4 center times per week to work (15 minute centers, lessons take 11 minutes) but can also work on this at home if they're struggling. Please help as I push them to attain the goals outlined above.

Concept Practice Sites

Math Book

This site gives you access to manipulatives, lessons, videos, tutorials, and games related to concepts we are studying in class. Log in information is stapled in the front of your child's assignment book. This is a GREAT resource!

Online Practice

Place Value Games