The Teaching and Learning Division’s responsibilities for supporting teacher excellence involves providing professional learning opportunities that support teachers across multiple learning contexts, leveraging technology to support learning and collaboration, and offering differentiated options based on data tailored to teachers’ needs.  For each identified support area—Building Robust District Content Workshops, Fostering Self-Facilitated Learning Opportunities, and Empowering Teacher Teams—specific workshops and digital sessions will be offered.  A description of each area of support is provided below.

District Level Content Workshops

District level professional development sessions are designed to build content expertise.  Sessions are designed to support classroom implementation of effective instructional practices including learning objectives, purposeful and aligned instruction, demonstrations of learning, multiple response strategies, and other district initiatives.  The district will also partner with universities and expert partners to provide content sessions.

D-Tube (Self-Facilitated Learning)

The D-Tube videos are 3-5 minute videos intended to provide teachers with a platform for self-facilitated learning on how to teach difficult TEKS/SEs based concepts. The D-Tube videos are based on a standard (TEKS), or a bundling of standards that address a specific topic, and consist of at least two sections that can be indexed and easily searched by the teacher.

D-Cloud (Empowering Teacher Teams via Blended Learning Opportunities)

The D-Cloud virtual Professional Learning Community (vPLC) platform provides teacher teams with a blended learning opportunity. The D-Cloud vPLCs are based on a Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standard, or a bundling of standards, and will be available for up to four times a school year. This resource provides an online vPLC component that is paired with a suggested campus professional learning community (cPLC) component. The online vPLC session provides 30 minutes of content and pedagogical professional development. Each 30-minute vPLC focuses on deepening content understanding and improving instruction. Each session also has a follow-up assignment that the teacher must complete in their classroom. Assignments might include multiple response strategies to use when teaching a certain TEKS/SE, or the use of a certain writing strategy. It is this assignment that is the bridge to the face-to-face campus professional learning community (cPLC). Each vPLC session is a prerequisite of the corresponding campus PLC. In the cPLC, teacher teams will be provided with a guide that they may choose to use to analyze the results of classroom implementation of their vPLC assignment.


Detailed instructions about registration are contained within the Professional Learning Opportunities Guide to help teachers and other staff navigate the selection, registration, and certification process.  We recommend using (1) Mozilla Firefox or (2) Internet Explorer to open the catalogs, select courses, and register for courses while using the district’s network.  (If outside the district’s network, any browser should work.)  

Thank you for your commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence as you build pedagogical skills through the many learning opportunities offered in this catalog.
We look forward to seeing you in person or online!

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