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Overview of EHAA (Regulation)
Part I

Overview of EHAA ‎(Regulation)‎


Overview of EHAA (Regulation)
Part II

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Designated Supports for General Education Students

The Texas Education Agency has made significant changes in the eligibility criteria for the use of designated supports/accommodations and not general education students, not receiving special education or Section 504 services are eligible to receive designated supports without TEA approval.  View the February 16, WAIP entitled Online Documentation of Designated Supports/Accommodations for General Education Students for more information.  Click here to view the TEA Accommodation Resources webpage.

Online Documentation of Designated Supports/Accommodations for General Education Students

The Student Support Team should meet to determine which students have benefited from the use of supports during classroom instruction and assessment.  The SST is led by a campus administrator and includes instructional coach(es), classroom teacher(s), and based on the area of concern, the counselor (for social/emotional and behavioral needs), nurse (health and physical needs), and school psychologist or social worker (psychological, social, and behavioral needs).  Upon identification of students by the SST, the teacher should complete the Designated Supports for General Education Students form in My Data Portal.  This form will capture information about the the area requiring the accommodation, the designated supports that are used during classroom instruction and assessment, and note the accessibility supports that are provided to support instruction, providing justification for each. Notice at the bottom of the form that two campus approvals are needed. First, the teacher completing the plan should click the esign button to save the entry.  Second, the principal should review any forms submitted and also electronically sign.  The form may be edited after initial creation to capture any changes made.

Look at the Designated Supports section of the form.  If the student is receiving extra time or oral/signed administration as a support, the teacher must also update intervention plan in Schoolnet.  With the exception of these two designated supports, the remaining designated supports only need to be documented on MyData Portal.  

Eligibility criteria for the student needing extra time or oral/sign administration include

  • Routinely and effectively uses this accommodation during classroom instruction and classroom testing and

  • The student has documented evidence of reading difficulties.  

To update the Notes on the intervention plan, the teacher should log into Schoolnet and access the student’s reading intervention plan.  Find the Notes Tab, and document how the designated support is used (regularly and effectively) during instruction/intervention by the student.  Within the notes tab, the teacher may also attach student work artifacts or notes about the student. Click here to view instructions on how to update the notes in an intervention plan.

Documenting Referrals for Special Education Evaluation
The process to request and document referrals for special education evaluation have changed this school year with the implementation of EdPlan for special education case management.  The new process is as follows:
  1. Referrals from the Student Support Team (SST)1 committee for special education evaluation remain the same. The campus will document in SchoolNet  the delivery of interventions and progress monitoring.  If intervention is not successful and a referral for evaluation is supported with data, discontinue the intervention plan to submit the referral from the SchoolNet Interventions Module.*
  2. Parent requests for special education evaluation will follow these steps2:
  3. When a parent calls Child Find to request testing, the principal needs to submit the SST referral/parent into EdPlan and email the parent request to The Special Education Department will then send the campus the information packets and schedule a parent meeting to obtain consent. 

1Referrals made through the SST process will be automatically generated once the campus discontinues the intervention plan in Schoolnet.  Follow the steps provided in the hyperlink in #1.

2This (manual) process should be used in the event of a parent request, follow up to prior year referral, or student actions warrant a referral for evaluation. 
RtI Framework

Read Board Policy EHAA (Local) and EHAA (Regulation) for guidance on the Response to Intervention process in Dallas ISD.  Read policy FFE (Local)  for more information on the Student Support Team's roles and responsibilities.

RtI Resources

Want to submit an intervention for review?  Click here.