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Want to Teach Computer Science? Training and Stipends are available.
Receive a one-time stipend to complete professional development and teach Computer Science 
UTeach Institute at The University of Texas at Austin click here.*
Receive a one-time stipend to become certified in Computer Science through 
The University of Texas at Austin, Center for STEM Education by July 31, 2016 click here.*
*Stipends are paid through the sponsoring organizations directly to program participants. Stipends are subject to processes and rules of the sponsoring organizations. Dallas ISD has no financial responsibility associated with enrollment or completion of these programs. 

Spring 2016
Professional Learning Opportunities

Education concept related words in tag cloud
Education concept related words in tag cloud

Elementary Professional Learning Opportunities 
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Secondary Professional Learning Opportunities
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Guided Reading  Eras In History 

Fossilization Rate of Change 

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