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The T&L Newsletter is a more effective way to increase communication between teachers and the various departments within the Teaching and Learning Division. Every six weeks you will find the most current news about each and every department comprised in the Teaching and Learning Division and be aware on current events, relevant information to enhance your teaching experiences, such as upcoming training, latest educational videos, resources, articles, and recommendations.

Schoolnet Professional Development Transcripts 

Cornerstone will replace Schoolnet as the system of record for all Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI) documentation and professional development transcripts.  Teachers are reminded that Schoolnet will not be used in the 2018-2019 School Year.  The final day to access Schoolnet is Thursday, June 28, 2018.  In preparation for this transition, teachers are encouraged to download all professional development certificates; TEI Observations (spots and/or extended); and SLO accomplishment information for their records prior to the end of the 2017-2018 school year.    

Click here for instructions on accessing and printing your educator transcript and certificates.  Email Professional & Digital Learning at with questions regarding the educator professional development transcript or certificates.   

For questions regarding TEI or employee appraisals, please contact Suzy Smith at or call (972) 925-4074.

Click here to view the May 17, 2018 WAIP – End of Year Evaluations.

 TEKS Resource System

The Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative, or TCMPC, is a shared service agreement between the 20 Educational Service Centers (ESCs) in Texas. This shared service agreement, or SSA, allows participating ESCs to share responsibility for the management and operations of the online curriculum management system known as the TEKS Resource System.

Clever Instant Login

To access and use learning applications via the Clever portal click and log in at Be sure to use your district Google Apps login which is your district email address and your EAD password. 
FAQ_Troubleshooting –– Having login issues? Can’t access the portal or an app? Check out the FAQs for a possible solution.

Response to Intervention Flowchart

This flowchart should be used to navigate the Response to Intervention (RtI) process to provide guidance for the Student Support Team (SST) to make decisions that best serve the individual needs of all students.  

Responding to Hate and Bias at School 

Hateful acts at school area dangerous, disturbing and disruptive. But keep this in mind: A bias incident does not define a school. It is, in many ways, a test of the school’s culture and climate. How you respond is the true measure of a school’s character. It’s up to school leaders to set expectations. Everyone on staff, from the bus driver and custodian to classroom teachers and the IT department, must know that hate, disrespect, and intimidation has no place on campus and that every student should feel welcome. A Publication of Teaching Tolerance. D-Tubes and vPLCs Overview 

The D-Tube videos are 3-5 minute videos intended to provide teachers with a platform for self-facilitated learning on how to teach difficult TEKS/SEs based concepts. The D-Tube videos are based on a standard (TEKS), or a bundling of standards that address a specific topic, and consist of at least two sections that can be indexed and easily searched by the teacher. Product Allocation 

In this comprehensive tutorial, you will learn how to complete your class setup, allocate a product, and allocate products to classes. Log in to Click for other Cool Classroom Tech Updates
*Please Note: Since Clever class roster data for allocation of products, some products may not appear until scheduling has been completed. Resources should align to classes that are visible in GradeSpeed if there are online resources available for that class. In addition please see the 5 min video for HMH product allocation below the Clever presentation. In some cases, you may want additional products in your class or my.hrw (blended classrooms) or the class name may have been too far off the HMH product title. In this case, the product may not appear for you on the initial login and you may need to allocate products for your class. 

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