2016-2017 TRS Curriculum Overview

To make it easier for you to access and use learning applications, we have recently set up a portal where students and teachers can log in once and see all of their apps. Try it out at https://clever.com/in/dallasisd . Be sure to use your district Google Apps login which is your district email address and your EAD password.

Please Note: Since Clever class roster data for allocation of products, some products may not appear until scheduling has been completed. Resources should align to classes that are visible in GradeSpeed if there are online resources available for that class. In addition please see the 5 min video for HMH product allocation below the Clever presentation. In some cases you may want additional products in your class  for my.hrw (blended classrooms) or the class name may have been too far off the HMH product title. In this case the product may not appear for you on the initial login and you may need to allocate products for your class. 

Clever Dallas Introduction

MYHRW Teacher Resource Allocation

Click on the icon to access

  • TRS

  • http://disd.schoolnet.com/

  • Teachers:  Directions on uploading outside PD certificates into SchoolNet CLICK HERE

Admin:  Directions on approving outside certificates into SchoolNet CLICK HERE

Teachers check out our P2LD Catalogs for PD!

http://www.dallasisd.org/Page/41529 2016 Fall PD Catalog

Dallas ISD Math Olympiad Video Challenge
Engage your students in solving problems and making movies all at the same time!