It's all about the Stories

Every piece in a gallery, every artifact in a museum, or every stop on a city tour has been chosen carefully, based in its importance, its history, or its esthetics.  In other words, every piece has a story that to led to its inclusion in an exhibit or tour.  And as humans, we loving hearing stories.  And we like it even better when we can find out more about the things that appeal to us.

Dakemi Muse™ makes those stories accessible to visitors to your museum, gallery, city tour, etc.  In the simplest form, visitors simply use their own mobile devices to call a number, and retrieve information about an object or place.

Dakemi's technology then allows visitors to dig deeper to discover further details about the pieces that interest them.  Or to find out about related facts, such as the artist's bio, or the culture that made the artifact.  Or find other pieces that share a common trait, or are for sale.

Sharing the Experience

And after visitors leave, they can retrieve a journal of their visit that includes all their favourite pieces.  They can also publish their visit to their friends or the world at large so that others can share their experience during subsequent visits. Groups of visitors can opt to share and collaborate as part of a single, teleconferenced experience.

Or, a visitor can draw on the thousands of other visitors' experiences, and let the Dakemi Muse™ make recommendations, based on what the visitor has enjoyed so far.

Simplicity - For Institutions and their Visitors

No software to install... any cell phone, smart phone or blackberry will do!  And, from the institution's side, there is no software required to administer the system, nor any telecommunications infrastructure to install.

The End Result

With Dakemi Muse™ you have visitors who have learned more, have a deeper connection to the things they've seen, and are more likely to return.