Broadcast Journalism

2013 - 2014 see high school film course at 

2012 – 2013
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Dalian American International School
DAIS Broadcast Journalism has two streams running at the same time; firstly, there is the journalism part – getting, editing and processing the story and secondly, there is the broadcasting, producing DAISlive, our in-house on-air video school community announcing source.

1. Our students need to be critical viewers, consumers, and producers of media. The ability
to access, analyze, evaluate, and produce communication in a variety of forms is an
important part of language development and of global integration. Understanding how
others persuade viewers is an important stage of both self-development and shaping
our audience’s views. High school students enrolled in this course will apply and use
their journalistic skills for a variety of purposes; such as working on DAISlive, the
school’s student-centered video communication format, foreign collaborations, and
investigative story presentations. Students will learn the laws and ethical considerations
that affect broadcast journalism; learn the role and function of broadcast journalism;
critique and analyze the significance of visual representations; and learn to produce by
creating a broadcast journalism product, DAISlive. For EAL students whose first
language is not English, this course contributes to English language acquisition and
language learning.
2. Students need to know how to film, edit and produce for DAISlive and we will use an
on-line course in video and audio production at as one of
our guide and tutorial through the year. For editing we will use CyberLink PowerDirector
and each class we will have a tutorial using this. 

The original syllabus for Broadcast Journalism is attached. For semester two look under semester 2 as well as the syllabus for each quarter as this is a changing fluid course.

Each lesson will be beneath the semester and quarter we are working in. 
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