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Homeless Again

Homelessness is once again in the spotlight.

This as the City of Cape Town had a "Clean Up" operation of the Green Point area last week.

About 20 homeless people were moved from the tennis club in the area.

This is not the first time the City's by laws have been criticised and questioned.

Homelessness often is a driver of petty crime but at the same time is a social issue.

Whilst many civil society organisations are against any actions that are undertaken by law enforcement agencies, they offer little in solutions other than to criticise.

Any solution that requires action solely from the City is not helping at all.

It is not surprising that the Western Cape High Court has ruled that the City return all confiscated goods taken in last week's raids.

Our city centers are becoming overrun by homeless encampments, even on the Cape Flats.

The spike in homelessness is fueled by drug addiction.

If this situation is allowed to continue, then we are headed down the same path as many major US cities.

If today, all you doing is complaining that the City is illtreating vulnerable people, then in a few years time, do not complain when the situation gets out of hand.

When the shoe is on the other foot your perspective changes.

Homelessness is complex issue and many do not want the assistance offered because it means they have to conform to rules.

Those who truly have become homeless due to extreme poverty and wants help, should be helped by all of us.

Why are we not sourcing funding for shelters in our areas where we live?

Homelessness often follows drug addiction rather than the other way around.

How many of us are prepared to shelter one homeless person?

Source: ENCA

Image: Reuters

South Africa was the first country to detect the Beta variant.

New Variant

South Africa was the first country to discover the beta variant of the Corona Virus.

Now it seems we have the honour of discovering another new variant of the virus.

The new variant known as C.1.2 was detected in May already and has spread to all South African provinces.

This means that vaccinations may soon become of little use if the Corona Virus keeps mutating.

However, medical technology will catch up.

This means that we need to keep to the Covid 19 prevention protocols.

Scientists are studying this new variant and gathering as much information as possible.

Mutations are a result of the continuous transmission of Covid 19 amongst South Africans.

We need to bring our number of new infections down as soon as possible.

If not, we will face a fourth wave driven by this new variant.

Viruses learn to adapt as more and more people get the virus.

The Delta variant remains the dominant variant causing new infections.

Despite the limitations of vaccinations, we are still being encouraged to vaccinate as this will limit the mutation of current variants.

The World Health Organisation is not concerned about the new variant as yet and is monitoring the situation.

As always consult your doctor for more accurate information on Covid 19.

Are we about to see the fourth wave soon?

Source: SABC News

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

(Photo by Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP)

More Protection For Whistleblowers

Babita Deokaran was due to testify in a R 300 million PPE fraud investigation.

Deokaran worked for the Gauteng Health Department.

However last week she was tragically shot and killed outside her home in Mondeor, Johannesburg.

The motive for her death is thought to be the fact that she had come forward as a witness in the PPE fraud case.

Speaking at her funeral, President Ramaphosa called for more protection for whistleblowers.

Otherwise our justice system will collapse.

The state does offer services like witness protection.

If people are scared to testify especially in these high profile cases, South Africa will never root out corruption.

Hopefully we will see more protection being offered to witnesses in the future.

The identity of witnesses should be protected until such time as the case actually is heard in court.

Many criminals do not hesitate to permanently remove witnesses from society and this is the reason many gang related cases do not lead to convictions.

So yes Mr President, we need to protect our whistleblowers far better.

Have you ever been a witness in a high profile case?

Source: News 24

Former president Jacob Zuma is struggling with the costs of his legal battles. The Jacob Zuma Foundation has asked the public to donate monies to help with his legal bills. The Foundation’s spokesperson Mzwanele Manyi speaks to #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

Former president Jacob Zuma in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on May 24 2019 where he faces charges of corruption.

Image: Thuli Dlamini/Pool

Legal Fees Battle

Former President Jacob Zuma is also pleading with the public to please support him financially.

He has run out of money to pay his legal teams.

Many people have questioned why his children could not support him.

Nonetheless Mzwanele Manyi, spokesmen for The Jacob Zuma Foundation said money is coming in steadily.

Manyi said that his children are not as wealthy as the media has painted them to be and was rather dodgy on the question.

Just like the ANC, Zuma wants ordinary South Africans to dig deep into their pockets and donate.

These are the very people who are to blame for the suffering we are experiencing as citizens of this country.

They enjoyed robbing this country blind through state capture and corruption.

But just like sheep many of us will follow them and give generously in the hope of a better future.

If you haven't woken up to the reality in this country yet, you never will.

Once again Zuma stands a good chance of gathering a large sum of other people's money.

Let's not forget, it is Zuma that continues to draw out his legal battle through legal shenanigans.

Each delay is money down the toilet.

Will you assist Jacob Zuma?

Source: ENCA

File picture: African News Agency (ANA)

Head Of The Family

We live in a culture of equality and equal rights.

We all are the same and traditional roles in the household are nearly totally gone.

According to an article in IOL ,the South African Gender Progress Study (GPS) has found that the patriarchy is very much alive.

As much as 68% of the respondents in the SADC region believes men should be obeyed.

Yet 60% of all men and women feel both sexes should be treated the same.

Some people feel that feminism challenges the patriarchy which often results in gender based violence.

But gone are the days of women being the subservient partner in a relationship.

More and more women have become the main or sole bread winner in the household.

Older respondents seem to cling to the more older mindsets.

Whilst the social rules and norms are continuing to change, we need new values to fall on.

It is difficult in our country, that has such a rich diversity of cultures, to respect culture whilst at the same time upholding all the provisions of the constitution.

It is this breakdown of traditional roles and the eradication of the so called western concept of a perfect family that might complicate relationships in a family .

The woke leftist view of families often undermine the importance of the traditional family and how it shapes children.

There is a fine balancing act which can easily be achieved if we treat each other as human beings first.

Is the patriarch still relevant today?

Source: IOL

Final Thought

Women's month has come to an end.

Has much changed in the lives of women?

If not, then we should stop this charade.

The US has finally left Afghanistan, in a mess.

Many Afghans who supported the US mission in that country face torture and death at the hands of the Taliban.

The US withdrawal from that country was as disasterous as the Vietnam war.

Remember to social distance, mask up and sanitise.

The Daily Wrap SA Team

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