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about MADA!

We are using unused space as a place to live and work, a place that is relatively free from the constraints of institutions. It is not just about art, it can be about art, but its equally about people. Everyone here has their own idea about what we're doing, collectively we are doing everything we can. We are using 18 Upper Grosvenor Street as a place for free thinking people to express their ideas.

We are working collectively towards positive action, everyone is doing what they want by filling, or not filling, this wonderful place. We are using abandoned space not just for art, but as a cultural hub, exchanging knowledge and bringing this part of the city to life. We have established a collective, conscious, artistic use of disused space. We are making a space live, not just living in a space. We are using this available space to entertain people and create an art environment which would have otherwise have gone to waste, we are giving people the opportunity to express themselves and to enjoy meeting each other. It is essentially an experiment in people using a space.

We use this place as somewhere for people to meet and exchange ideas, and to express the ideas generated here. It is a cultural centre where people can eat and meet, where people can be part of lectures, workshops, events, it is a project building space. We have a place in which to make art, a place to create a transcendental live experience that will make people go wow. 

We have created a completely different world inside 18 Upper Grosvenor Street.

If you would like to make use of the space email: