Constant change is a given in most organizations today, but that doesn't make it any easier to manage. As each wave of change begins, uncertainty, ambiguity and lack of information fuel anxiety and diminish performance. As a leader, you may find the management levers you count on suddenly stop working, leaving you with the uncomfortable feeling you have lost control. 

Whether your change is driven by a strategy shift, a merger or acquisition, or a business need to change attitude and behaviors long-embedded in the organizational culture, Diane and her associates can work with you to: 

  • Understand the true scope of required change 
  • Design and implement a comprehensive change plan and process 
  • Shape political dynamics to generate support and alignment of the leadership team and board around a vision for the future 
  • Motivate constructive behavior and provide ways for people to participate in planning their future 
  • Use communication in ways that enable and sustain change 
  • Develop leaders who are aligned with and capable of executing the change 
  • Measure and monitor progress in order to make refinements or mid-course corrections 

To be successful, organizations must master the capacity to consistently recognize and swiftly respond to the need for change. Those that fail to build that capability will keep playing catch-up until they vanish from the field.

DAD Consulting focuses on healthcare and nonprofit organizations. Diane brings many years of experience to her work, providing a strong foundation to meet client needs. For selected engagements, Diane draws on consulting colleagues to form strategic partnerships. These project-specific collaborations add significant value by bringing greater breadth of skills, experience and perspective from multiple perspectives.