Common Formative Assessments

Teacher teams will develop one common formative assessment for a unit in one content area in 2015-16. Common formative assessments include pre-assessments, post-assessments, and quick progress checks for the essential standards of an instructional unit.  
To create reliable and accurate assessments, we will follow these 10 Steps for creating Common Formative Assessments:
  1. Identify the Essential Standards to emphasize for the unit. Identify Supporting Standards that connect to the Essential Standards. 
  2. "Unwrap" the Essential Standards only in order to pinpoint specific skills and concepts students need to learn. 
  3. Create a graphic organizer for the "unwrapped" concepts and skills.
  4. Determine the Big Ideas based on the unwrapped standards.
  5. Write essential questions matched to the Big Ideas to focus instruction throughout the unit and to inform students of learning goals.
  6. Confirm the learning intentions to be assessed and the student success criteria.
  7. Select the assessment types that will produce credible evidence that students have learned the unwrapped concepts and skills.
  8. Create the post assessment questions and scoring guides for the selected assessment types.
  9. Create the pre-assessment questions to align with the post-assessment questions.
  10. Determine the learning progressions--the building blocks of instruction leading to the learning intentions--and plan quick progress checks to assess student learning of each one.

(Ainsworth, L., Common Formative Assessments 2.0)
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