Culture of Collaboration

 "A collection of teachers does not truly become a team until they must rely upon each other to accomplish a goal none could achieve individually." Rick DuFour, Learning by Doing

Each week grade-level or content-area teams work collaboratively to ensure that every student is mastering the guaranteed curriculum. Our PLC collaboration time is designed to improve our effectiveness as teachers, teams, schools, and as a district. The most important work of collaboration is to clarify what students must learn, monitor each student's progress, respond to students who need additional time and support, and challenge students who have already mastered the essential learnings.  

All schools should function with a Leadership Team to guide the school's improvement efforts. Each team is responsible to establish commitments with each other to enhance their effectiveness. In highly effective teams, members recognize the value of diversity on their teams and work to establish vulnerability-based trust. 

Effective PLC Teams


  In the following video, Rick Dufour explains the difference between teams and groups.  

YouTube Video

  The following excerpt from Boys in the Boat, the story of the 1936 Olympic gold-medal rowing team from the University of Washington, highlights the need for diversity on highly effective teams.    

Teamwork and Rowing.mp4