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Dear Families,


Welcome to the second grade!  My name is Mrs. Liburd and I will be your child’s teacher this year.  This will be my thirteenth-year teaching at Richland.  I look forward to a wonderful year!!

From time to time you may need to contact me.  I am available at the school daily between the hours of 8:15 to 3:25pm.  If you need to contact me, please call me at the school (815)725-8391 ext. 1133 and I will try to get back with you within that day.  You can also try emailing me at I check my email/DOJO throughout the day and will email/DOJO back as time permits during the school day.  If emailing/DOJO during the school day is impossible, I will email/DOJO you back after school.  Finally, you may also send in a note with your child and I will respond to the note if need be.

If you need to meet with me before 8:15 am or after 3:25 pm, please call or email in advance and make an appointment with me.  This way, I can be prepared for any questions or concerns that you may have.

Attached, you will find the procedures and policies for the class.  Please keep them for future reference.

Again, if you have questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me with one of the above methods. Remember we have the same goal, to see your child succeed!



Mrs. Liburd


 Contact Information

 (815)725-8391 ext. 1133

If you need to meet with me before 8:15 am or after 3:15 pm, please call or email in advance and make an appointment with me. 


Website: Click on school information at the top and look on left side for teacher’s websites.


Notes Home

     If your child…

      Is not riding the bus home

      Staying after school

      Being picked up by someone other than a parent


     If there is no note or call the student will be sent on the bus


Planners/Take Home Folders

     Folders/Planners go home daily

     Folders will contain homework, graded work, and notes home

     Planners will have spelling words and notes

     Homework will come home daily

     Check and sign planners nightly


Behavior System

     Green – student is warned

     Yellow – student continues with unwanted behavior

      note will come home with student to be signed and returned

     Red – student will receive a red note

      Student will be given a consequence

      Red note will come home with student to be signed

     PLEASE NOTE, there are some behaviors that severe enough that the student might skip to yellow, red, or to the principal.

     Please refer to the school wide discipline plan in your school handbook.

Classroom Incentives

Students who have no missing homework, no yellow or red notes will receive:

     Soaring Eagle tickets

     trip to prize box

     quarterly activities

     Smelly dots (10 points on DOJO)


Classroom Expectations (School Wide)

     Be prepared for class.

     Respect yourself, others and their property.

     Listen when others are talking.

     Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

     Follow directions the first time they are given.


Student of the Week

     Once a week (only full weeks) I will randomly choose a student of the week.

     The student of the week will be my special helper all week. 

     When it is your student’s week he/she will receive a “All About Me” poster on the Friday before their week. 

     Please have your child complete the poster and return it on Monday. 

     Posters will be displayed for the entire week.


Student Homework Procedures

     At the start of each lesson, your child will receive a spelling list to practice.

     Homework should take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.

     Remember that your child should read or be read to for 15 minutes a night and should practice basic math facts daily.


Parent Homework Procedures

     Review and sign student planner

     Assist with the homework, spelling practice, math facts etc… (Daily).

     Check your child’s take-home folder/planner daily. 

Book Orders

     Book orders will be sent home about once a month. 

     If you do order, please make the check payable to the appropriate book club. 

     If the check is written to the school, it will not be accepted. 

     Please do not send cash. Checks only.

     You may order online by going to and typing in our class activation code: FDN49L.



The following snacks may be brought to school by your child for their daily snack.  If your child brings something that is not on the list, they WILL NOT be permitted to eat it. 

     FRESH fruit (apples, bananas, grapes, berries, orange wedges)

     FRESH vegetables (celery, carrots, broccoli)

     Raisins, or other type dried fruit

     SIP-TYPE Yogurt or Applesauce (not the type that required a spoon)


     Cheese sticks

     Loose Cheerios (NO CEREAL BARS)

     PLAIN Animal Crackers

     PLAIN Crackers -Goldfish, Teddy grahams, Graham crackers, Oyster crackers, Wheat thins, Cheez-its.  NO CRACKERS with fillings.


Grading Scale

100-94%       A – Excellent

93-86%         B – Above Average

85-76%         C –Average

75-70%         D – Below Average

69- Below     F – Below Grade Level


Daily Schedule

     Snack            After gym   Daily

     Lunch           12:05-12:30 Daily

     Recess          11:45-12:00 Daily

     Gym               9:20-9:50 Daily        

     Music             1:30-2:00 “A” Day

     Library           1:05-1:35 “B” Day

     Art                   12:45-1:25 “C” Day

     Computers   1:25-2:05 “D” Day

     Music             1:30-2:00 “E” Day


This template was purchased at ThistleGirl Designs
This template was purchased at ThistleGirl Designs