Mrs. Reeves' 6th Grade Language Arts

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815- 744- 6166 ext. 2312

Welcome Students and Parents


Parents, please check your child's planner and sign that you saw the completed homework. 

   If the assignment was not checked in class, students may hand it in one day late for a D.

Parents, here is an excellent resource for you and your child about PARCC scores and what is expected of your child at the 6th grade level.

Please check it out.

Lexile Scores:

Parents, are you wondering about the Lexile score? The following web address will help with some of the most frequently asked questions about Lexile.

The White Oak Library has many  ongoing activities for students. To participate, all that is needed is a library card.

 Below is a link to the White Oak Library card application page.

Important Dates

May 24th 11:00 dismissal, Field Day

June 3rd Last Day

Current Classroom Events 
In class this week we are working on:

Wordly Wise lesson 9
Where the Red Fern Grows unit

Absent Students: 

We cover a great deal of material in a short period of time, and when students are absent it is very difficult for them to get caught up, and yes they begin to feel overwhelmed.  The sixth grade team asks if your child is going to be out for more than a day, please try and pick up your child's work. If you call in the morning, we will have your child's work ready by 2:00 p.m. 

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