Week of March 25th

Spring Break 
April 1st - April 5th


Report Cards on Line as of March 22nd 

Please take the time to check "Skyward" on a regular basis with your child.  This is a great time to have a conversation with your child about their academic successes and struggles.  It also lets your student know that their grades are important to you and it should be important to them.  


I forgot something and I need to call home.

    Students will no longer be able to call home during the school day because they forgot something.  It is the student's responsibility to be prepared for the school day. If your child is having difficulty in this area, work them to design a plan that will help them be more responsible.  For example: your child should have their book bag loaded, by the door and lunches prepared before getting ready for bed.  When the plan is successful it will help make the morning go a little more smoothly. Remember, sometimes the plan needs to be tweaked and it may take a week or two before everyone gets accustomed to the plan.

Richland's Expectations
I am to be . . .
PBIS store will be open this week. Students may purchase one item with their earned PBIS points.  Students can check their points and items in the store online.

   Together We Can Make A Difference!
What will we being doing in Science this week?

This week the students will discover how erosion control is necessary and how it impacts the Earth surfaces. The students will also explore and present how caves and caverns are formed working cooperatively in small groups.

What will be learning in Math Applications this week?

Students will begin to explore how to create dot plots using data and using that  to information to answer statistical questions.

(Supplies for this class include: a ruler, graph paper, color pencils, pencils, calculator, a folder and notebook paper.)


Does your child have a library card?

      Many of the assignments this year are computer based.  If your child does not have access to a computer at home, they can go to the local library.  Students with a library card can use the computer free of charge.  So, if your child does not have a library card it is easy to get one.  Go to your local library with a picture ID, that states your name and address and you can get you and your child a library card.  The library has so much to offer and most of it is free to the public.


***We cover a great deal of material in a short period of time, much of that material is gathered through hands-on activities and inquiry-based learning. When students are absent it is very difficult for them to get caught up and yes, they begin to feel overwhelmed. We understand that children get one day for each day they are absent, but put their daily work on top of their absent work, how much do they really retain of the absent work? The sixth-grade team ask, if your child is going to be out for more than a day, please try and pick up your child's work. If you call early in the morning, we will do our best to have your child's work ready by 2:45 p.m. Also, if you are unable to make it in; please check the homework hotline or the teacher's web-page. We really appreciate your help in this matter.
Success In Science

1. Students need to come to class ready to learn and participate.  Being an active participant can be an essential element to a successful experience.

2.  Students need to do their homework.  Homework is given to reinforce the concepts that have been taught.  It is used as a guide for the teacher to measure each student's understanding of the material taught. Finally, it is a preparation tool for labs, students will be ready to work in their groups and have back- ground knowledge to successfully interact with their lab partners.

3. When written responses are required students should make sure that they have reread their written responses and all essential writing skills have been used. 

4.  Review notes, lab sheets and diagrams in journals. If vocabulary cards have been created, review them nightly.  Students will need to know the definitions of each new word, but they will also need to be able to apply their meaning to the concepts being taught.

5. Review worksheets and lab sheets after they have been graded. The benefit of reviewing these two sources is the format of the questions may be similar to the questions on the test.

6. When we use the textbook reread the chapter before the test.  The beginning of the chapter sets the foundation and each section after that builds upon that foundation.     

  • Monday, April 1st - April 5th: Spring Break