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Thank you for visiting my website.  Below you will find detailed information regarding remote learning that we will follow while we wait for life to return to normal.  Please note that we will be using my.hrw.com for nearly all of our remote learning.  There is a link for my.hrw at the bottom of this page.  Be sure to refer to the calendar tab to the left for a daily outline of lessons we will cover.


Due to the difficult circumstances we all find ourselves in, the Illinois State Board of Education has decided that all remote learning will be graded on a Pass / Incomplete basis.  Therefore, every homework assignment will be given a passing grade if a student scores a 60% or higher, and an Incomplete if the assignment is not finished or scores below a 60%.  Every lesson will cover two days.  On the first day, students will complete practice problems on my.hrw.com through the "Interactive Student Edition" and "Your Turn".  These two assignments are not for a grade.  Completing either of these assignments will count toward your online attendance, while completing both will earn an extra credit point on the following days homework assignment.  **NOTE:  Daily Attendance Is Still Required For Every Day School is in Session.**  On the second day of a lesson, students will complete the "Homework" assignment.


At the end of every module, students will be assigned an online review on one day, then an assessment on the second day.  There will be two assignments that you can work on for review.  Completing one of the review assignments will count as your attendance, and completing the second assignment can earn extra credit points toward your assessment.  The assessment will be graded as Pass / Incomplete based on the score you earn.

Additional Resources:

In addition to the videos you can watch in the "Interactive Student Edition", we also want you to have access to additional resources that can help you understand the content we are working through.  Mrs. Capperino will be making videos for you guys to watch that will have shortcuts posted to my calendar (see tabs to the left), and we will also post links to other videos we find that we think will be helpful.  In addition to these videos, there are also videos on my.hrw that are very helpful.  In order to access these videos, be sure to click the drop down arrow toward the upper right corner of the screen to select 8th Grade.  The click "Student Resources" which will open a link in a new tab.  Drill to the right from there by clicking on the corresponding Unit, Module, then Lesson.  Click on the current lesson and you'll find several different links that have videos of additional examples or more practice problems.  If you still have additional questions after viewing the videos, please feel free to email Mrs. Capperino or me and we will get back to you as soon as we can!  Between 10 a.m. and noon will be the best times to get your questions answered, but we will both try to check our email frequently throughout the day.

Mrs. Capperino created an instagram account for students to follow.  You can find her by searching mrs.capp

Please be safe and take care during this difficult time.  Again, please feel free to email with any questions (or just to say "Hi.")


Email: jnissen@d88a.org


Phone: (815) 744-6116 x2506

Room #: 506

Link to Mrs. Capp's Youtube Channel.

Link for my.hrw.com here

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