General LA Expectations and Guidelines

Expectations and Guidelines

Language Arts Expectations & Guidelines



Required Class Materials


Flash drive/memory stick

Composition notebook

Loose leaf



Personal/class novel



Homework Policy


Ø  If you are in attendance at school but miss class for an elective field trip, music lesson, or select group activity you are still required to submit any homework due that day and are responsible to get any homework assigned.


Ø  If you are absent during a quiz, you have two days to make up the quiz. Otherwise it will be entered as a zero in the grade book.


Ø  If you are absent you will need to meet with me to find out what you missed in class, and we will then set a due date for those assignments.


Ø  If you do not have the homework at the beginning of class on the date it is due a zero will be entered into the grade book.  As per the Team Homework Policy, five assignments, across the core classes, that are not turned in on the date due will automatically place you into the SPARK program after school.


Ø  There is no extra credit given. I expect your best efforts the first time around!


Ø  No name papers will be discarded and no grade given.


Ø  I am available for help afterschool or in the morning by appointment.





Participation & Discussion:


Participation and discussion are essential in both whole group and small group activities.



Independent Reading:


Every Friday we will engage in silent independent reading in the LRC. A five-point participation grade is given for being an on-task, engaged reader. You will need to continually be reading a personal choice book. Various assignments regarding your personal reading will be assigned during the year.





You will have lessons, assignments, activities and quizzes introducing and reviewing various grammar concepts/rules/uses.





We will have a weekly vocabulary of 20 words. Assignments and quizzes will be given. It is important to keep all lists of vocabulary words as you will be able to utilize these words for extra credit in eighth grade (seems like a long way off, but next year you will be happy to have them!!!).





We will have regular writing and readers’ response assignments. You will be keeping a reader’s response journal.


Essays and long-term assignments are due on the date assigned.  Extensions are not given if you are absent. These assignments must be typed and ready to be handed in at the beginning of class. Do not expect to have class time to print the assignment.


Many essay assignments will be typed during provided class time.



Assignment Presentation:


Use the appropriate heading. In the upper right hand corner: first initial and last name, class period, and date. An example is provided for you on this very sheet. All work must be complete and legible.


Please complete daily assignments on loose leaf or perforated notebook paper- with a clean edge.





I do not check the email after I leave school. If you have difficulty with an assignment, please come see me during homeroom so I am aware of that before you come to class. We will discuss the issue at that time and make any necessary changes or schedule time to review the material.


Grade Break Down


Participation and Discussion 20%

Essays and Projects 35%

Homework 20%

Tests/Quizzes 25%