Bulldogs made 75 Valentine's Day Cards and 75 Holiday & New Year's Cards for residents at Summit of Uptown. 

Here is the link to the D64 Math website.

Here is the link to the D64 Math Summer Learning website.

*Weekly Reviews are passed out on Fridays and are due the following Friday. During the week you can turn it in, have it checked, ask for it back and fix it before that Friday due date for full credit.
*Daily homework assignments will be collected. Make sure you use pen to correct/fix any problem that was originally incorrect.

The login information for the online math textbook- do not use spaces- Username: EM[numbers]   Password: em[numbers]... but many of you have the first two letters from your elementary school instead of the EM#.... and some of you have your FirstLast name for your username.

Study Island: Username: em[FirstLast]  Password: em[numbers]

Behof Alg ‎‎(Per 4)‎‎ HW

Behof C3 ‎‎‎(Per 1, 2, 3)‎‎‎ HW