Trumpet Resources

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Here is a wonderful performance of the Hummel Trumpet Concerto by British artist Alison Balsom. This is required listening for all trumpet players!

This video has terrific resources for beginning to advanced trumpet players.

0:58 Introduction
2:10 Air
7:03 Embouchure
10:08 How To Start a Beginner
13:07 The Fundamentals
18:45 Multiple Tonguing
21:23 Flexibilities
26:58 Range/Endurance
37:51 The Tools
48:30 Secrets to Success
56:47 Warm Down
1:00:33 Daily Routine
1:09:20 How To Practice
1:17:22 Developing Sound & Style
1:21:39 Taking Auditions
1:26:25 Conclusion
Online resources mentioned in the video:

HIgh Note Fun