Trombone Resources

A fantastic video for all trombone players.
0:00 Introduction
2:25 History of the Trombone
7:03 Tools of the Art
18:06 Beginners Only - Assembly & Maintenance
24:24 Breathing and Buzzing Basics
32:26 The Warm-Up
39:24 Basic Articulation
44:11 Advanced Articulation
48:22 Slide Technique
52:45 Tuning
58:45 Style and Versatility
1:06:21 Conclusion
Online resources mentioned in the video:

Wonderful trombone playing from Joe Alessi - use headphones or a good speaker system and listen to his amazing tone quality. This is required listening for all trombone players!

Trombone Care
You should have the following items:
Mouthpiece Brush
Slide oil or cream - I prefer Yamaha Trombone Slide Lubricant.
Tuning Slide Grease
Cleaning Rod with cloth sheath or a length of old cotton bed sheet cut into a 6 inch by 4 foot strip
Flexible Cleaning Brush
Towel & small clean rag
Every Day: Wipe off the slide and apply a few drops of oil or cream.
Every Week: Clean your mouthpiece with a mouthpiece brush.
Every 1-2 Weeks: Clean your slide with the cleaning rod and/or flexible brush.
Every Month: Wipe off your tuning slide and apply new grease (do not apply tuning slide grease to your hand slide!).
Every Day: Have fun playing your trombone!