Maine South Jazz Band

Thanks everyone for a great year! It has been a privilige to conduct the Maine South Jazz Band!

Practice Resources

Wynton Marsalis and the "Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra" provide a wealth of resources to help young players learn the music of Duke Ellington. Duke knew exactly what every musician in his ensemble could do, and wrote parts specifically for them. The music is highly individualistic. A cutting edge tool called "Tutti Player" allows you to see each individual player in the LCJO as he/she records their part. Tools are available to hear each musician individually to hear exactly how they sound, or silence individual musicians so you can practice that part with the ensemble. You can also see the music for each player so you can practice right along. It is truly an amazing learning tool, and I expect you to use it in your daily practice.  Go to this website to download the Tutti Music Player and create your account using this activation code:  143377

You can also access audio recordings in the "Essentially Ellington" series. You can hear both the original Duke Ellington recordings, as well as the new recordings by the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. 

iRealPro Practice App
If you don't have the iReal Pro app yet, click here to get it. It's about $13 for iPhone and Android, about $20 for a Mac computer. This is the practice app that pros and college level jazz students are now using. I consider it to be an essential practice tool.

Ongoing Assignments
Copy something every week by ear from the Blues Licks page or the Great Jazz Melodies page. This will make a huge difference in your ability to play with stylistic accuracy. 
Learn the song "Sugar" by ear. This will help to unify our collective time/feel. 

Maine South Jazz Band Audition Requirements for 2017-2018
Improvise over F Blues - see below for help with this.
Major Scales to the 9th - download this scale sheet at the bottom of this page.
ii V7 I Pattern 1 - download this at the bottom of this page.
"Great Love" from the book "Jazz Conception" by Jim Snidero - Buy this book/CD set, it is a great practice resource.
"Porch Swingin," Download your part for "Porch Swingin" at:

You can hear "Porch Swingin" on this video at 34:25

This part of the video will help you to play in the correct style:
17:22 Embellishments & Special Effects

This exercise will help you with the F-Blues Improvisation component of the audition
Download the "Billie's Bounce Practice" sheet at the bottom of this page and practice with the practice track, using the following method:
Step 1 - Memorize the bass line
Step 2 - Memorize the chords
Step 3 - Improvise using 1 or 2 notes of the blues scale - focus on rhythmic interplay with the rhythm section
Step 4 - Use all notes of the blues scale
Step 5 - Improvise over the changes using proper chord tones and scales

"Billies Bounce" is an audition item that is used every year. It is taken from Jamey Aebersold's Jazz Play-Along Volume 6, which is based on the music of Charlie Parker, who was nicknamed "Bird." 
These edited tracks are used for the ILMEA audition. They omit the first two choruses, which are played in 2, and start on Chorus #3 which begins the feeling of 4.
"Billie's Bounce" Blues Practice Track Without Piano - for the piano audition, also helpful for guitar and vibes comping.

Note that some but not all audition components are the same as the Maine South audition.

Buddy Guy's Performance April, 2015    We are 2hrs 11 min into the video
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