Emerson Middle School

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2018-2019 Highlights

  • Congratultions to 7th and 8th Girls Basketball on winning their MCSL Conference Championship! 7th grade finished the year 18-2; 8th grade was 15-4! Awesome job Lady Eagles!
  • Congratulations to the following Cross Country teams on winning their MSCL Conference Championship: 6th Boys, 7th Boys, 8th Boys, 8th Girls.
  • Congratulations to 7th and 8th Boys Basketball for finishing in 2nd Place in the MCSL Conference. The 7th grade finished 12-3; 8th grade was 13-2! Great job Eagles!
  • Congratulations to 8th Girls Volleyball for finishing in 2nd Plance in the MCSL Conference!
  • Congratultations to 7th Boys Volleyball for winning the MCSL Conferece Championship!

MCSL Conference Championships

2015-16 7th Boys Cross Country 2015-16 7th Boys Basketball2015-16 8th Boys Basketball 2015-16 7th Girls Volleyball2015-16 8th Girls Volleyball 2016-17 8th Girls Volleyball2017-19 8th Girls Cross Country 2017-18 6th Boys Cross Counrty2017-18 7th Boys Cross Country 2017-18 8th Girls Volleyball2018-19 6th Boys Cross Country 2018-19 7th Boys Cross Country2018-19 8th Boys Cross Country 2018-19 8th Girls Cross Country2018-19 7th Girls Baskerball 2018-19 8th Girls Basketball