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Coaches' Corner

Welcome to the Coaches' Corner!

Meet the Coaches

Melissa Llano has been teaching in District 62 for ten years. She is responsible for Central, Cumberland, North, Terrace and Iroquois.  To contact Melissa, please email her at llanom@d62.org. To learn more about Melissa, visit about.me/melissallano

Carrie Schurr has been in District 62 for the last eight years.  She is responsible for Algonquin, Chippewa, and Iroquois.  To contact Carrie, please email her at schurrc@d62.org. To learn more about Carrie, visit about.me/schurrcarrie 

Ashley Stopa is responsible for Forest, Plainfield, South, and Orchard Place.  To contact Ashley, please email her at stopaa@d62.org.  To learn more about Ashley, visit https://about.me/stopaashley  

About this Site

On this site you will find a compilation of the resources that have been shared by the Instructional Coaches. If you have additional resources that you would like to add please contact one of the coaches directly.