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Google and Chromebooks

Congratulations! You now have a District 62 Google account. This means that you will now have access to Google in the District 62 Domain.

You will be able to access Google Drive, Sites, Calendar, Groups, and more! Google Email (Gmail) has not been activated. Use your * district email to login and share. Remember, you can log straight into to get to the district Google domain.


·       The district is busy creating accounts for staff, and for middle school students. Staff members will use their district email ex:, while students will use the new address ex:

·       Now your Google Doc files go everywhere you do. Change a file on the web, on your computer, or on your mobile device and it updates on every device where you’ve installed Google Drive as long as your are logged in under your district Google account.

     Options turned on at launch

·       Drive includes tools to create documents, presentations (think PowerPoint online), spreadsheets, forms, drawings, and graphics. The login also gives access to other Google tools like Calendar, Sites for creating web pages Circles and Groups for collaborative work, YouTube, and Chromesync to keep all of your Chrome devices in sync.

      Sharing From Your D62 Google Account

·       In a traditional Google Drive account you share via Google’s Gmail service. In District 62 Google accounts ( you can share via your regular email address. For instance, when Carol Gibbs and Seth Bowers share Google Docs with each other, Carol would create a new document, then hit the Share button in the upper right corner, and type Seth’s email ( in the space provided and click share. Seth then gets an email notification that a document has been shared with him. Clicking that document opens a web browser directly to the shared document. The sender remains the owner of the document and can assign user privileges as needed.

·       Currently we are only able to share within the district, i.e. * account to * account.

      Sharing Outside the D62 Domain

·       Before we open up the Google accounts to share outside the district we need to update district policies and procedures. This is because we already have all middle school students logged in in order to use Chromebooks with the digits online math materials.

Here are videos to use with students and teams.

Google For Education

Introduction to Chromebooks

Here are some quick, helpful videos.

Google Drive

Go Google: Google Drive

Google Sites

Create a webpage using Google Sites

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

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