Welcome to Mrs. Spomer's 6th Grade Literacy class website.

This year we will be working with the novel Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.  Through this novel we will explore multiple themes and work on strategies to help comprehend a complex text.  We also will be using The Language of Literature textbook, articles, and Accelerated Reader.  Throughout the year we will compare and contrast texts and media with similar themes and ideas.  Connections will be made between our own lives and the lives of those we read about.  

Our focus will be on three types of writing.
  • Argument Writing: to change the reader's point of view, to bring about some action from the reader, or to have the reader accept that the writer's explanation of a concept, issue, or conclusion is valid. 
  • Informational/Explanatory Writing: the writer conveys information accurately.  It will increase the readers' knowledge of a subject. 
  • Narrative Writing: this can be written as creative fictional stories or memoirs.

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Like acrobats on a high trapeze

The Colors pose and bend their knees

Twist and turn and leap and blend

Into shapes and feelings without end...


By Mary O'Neill