8/21/17 - 

Here are the Google Classroom codes:

Pd. 1 Classroom: nk7r58q

Pd. 2 Classroom: jh97i6

Pd. 6 Classroom: txq5bi

Pd. 7 Classroom: hpo3f

8/11/17 -

The new school year is about to begin! Watch this space for updates about Google Classroom and other information you will need. 










ARCHIVES from 2016-17 school year below

5/9/17 - 

The school year is almost over! It's more important than ever that students have great attendance, are engaged and working hard in class, and making sure all assignments are completed well and turned in on time. 

In Language Arts, we will be studying for our test over Diary of Anne Frank this Friday the 12th, then taking the test on Monday the 15th. 

This week, students will be writing a Holocaust Poem to show 1) their knowledge about the Holocaust learned through reading about Anne Frank and learning about concentration camps, the war, Jews, Nazis, and everything else from our Holocaust unit, and 2) their knowledge of poetry and figurative language practiced throughout the year and especially in our April poetry unit. Next week, they will be creating a slideshow with pictures on the computer, and the 19th and 22nd, students will be presenting their slideshows. This assignment is worth three grades: one for the poem, one for the slideshow, and one for their presentation (public speaking). 

As you can see, it is extremely important that students do not miss any school in these last few weeks; not just for Language Arts, but for all classes that are doing final projects. Missing even one day can put a student far behind, especially if they don't come in after school or at lunch to make up what they've missed. Thank you for your continued support in these final weeks of 8th grade!

We are looking forward to promotion the evening of May 23rd to celebrate the end of middle school. More information about this will be forthcoming.

2/15/17 - 

February 14th through February 27th, my classes are participating in Good Vibes Grand Valley (GV2).  Ask your student to tell you about the challenge. Encourage your student to give compliments, thank people, and be grateful for what they have, and lead discussions about why it's good to do these things, for your student as an individual and for the community at larg. Ask to see their weekly tracking sheet (and prompt them to do more than one sheet per week--for more entries into the final grand prize drawings).

From their website:
Good Vibes Grand Valley is Hilltop's first community-wide wellness challenge designed to unify us all in practicing daily kindness and gratitude. We've faced difficult times as a community and hope that through small seeds of kindness & gratitude, we can help grow strong roots of love, support and wellbeing. 

What do you need to do? It's as easy as 1-2-3! Simply take the pledge to offer ONE sincere compliment, express TWO heartfelt thank yous, and record THREE gratitudes each day for 14 days - February 14th through February 27th.

Click over to the Assignments tab up top to see how students are participating in this challenge! Click here to read more.

12/7/16 - 

The classes of Mrs. Nicholson and Mrs. Bussey have just finished reading and responding to the classic Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  The students are presently constructing narrative essays that tie in with the book.  The classes will celebrate on Friday, December 16th, with an end-of-the-quarter “Fahrenheit 451 Fiery Food Festival.” Students may bring the following to share with their class:

-Red, yellow, or orange food (like fire)

-Hot in flavor (like Hot Cheetos for Fireballs) or hot in temperature (like hot apple cider)

-Something else fitting the theme/story (food resembling matches, fire, books, etc.)

Food may be brought to their Language Arts classroom the morning of the 16th and may only be consumed during Language Arts class that day. Dishes and utensils will be provided. Please bring enough to share with 30 people. Students who have finished and turned in their Narrative Essay by that date may participate in the festival.

8/16/16 - 

Welcome to another school year! I already feel like this is a really good group of 8th graders. It's been a nice start and I think we'll continue to work well together and be successful! 

Last week and this week are mostly about "beginning of school year STUFF." (That's the technical term, yes.) We're setting up our notebooks, taking notes and learning vocabulary we'll use throughout the year.

On Wednesday of this week, my students will take their first STAR Reading test. (8th graders already took their STAR Math test on Monday.) All students take this three times a year so we can monitor their growth and progress in Reading and Math. I use STAR data to help them set attainable yet challenging Reading Goals for themselves each quarter. It's also really neat to see their growth throughout the year.

Yesterday, hopefully you got a sheet about Remind and Instagram. Remind is a nifty app I will use to communicate reminders to students and parents. I post through the app, and the app sends it as text messages to everyone registered in my "classes" within Remind. You don't have to download an app; you just text my class code to my account number to activate it. There is no sharing of phone numbers. All communication is done through the app. I can text reminders about a test coming up, when to bring certain supplies to class, when school events like concerts and conferences are, and anything else you and your students need to know to be successful in 8th grade! Remind is optional; most of that same information can be found on my class website and/or calendar. I just think getting a text is even easier than either of those things! All the information about registering is on that paper. If you have questions (or your student didn’t give you the paper!), feel free to email me.

You can also follow our class Instagram account if you want to. I'll post pictures of cool projects and assignments at mrsnicholsonomms, and I might also use it for optional assignments (for special prizes); for example, students can take a picture of their cursive writing outside of my class and tag our class account in the picture. Students who don't use Instagram and want to participate in these assignments will have alternate, non-tech options.

Please feel free to email or call me if you have any concerns or questions. It's going to be a great year!