The majority of our learning will be done in class.  Currently we are focusing on learning to use video cameras,editing software as well as cameras and tripods to tell a story.

As projects are completed, they can be viewed by visiting your child's website.(Currently your student must be signed in to their google apps account to view website)

Accessing Media Tech Programs from Home

Below are the programs that your child can access on your home computer by either downloading a free program or by logging on to a web-based program. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call.


Animation – The program is Pivot Animator and is a free download.

          Go to

Architectural Design – We use a program called Google Sketchup 2014 and is a free download. Go to

Coding – The program is called Scratch. It is a web-based program. Your child can log on to They can sign in with the following

          user name and password:

          6th grade – User name FMSTech6   Password KFMS06

          7th grade – User name FMSTech7   Password KFMS07

Dragster – The dragster program is a web-based program from a company called Whitebox Learning. Your child can go to the website and enter   their Student ID and the Group ID that I gave them in class and they will able to work on their car. The website is

PhotoStory – If you have a Windows operating system, PhotoStory usually comes already installed. Check in the “All Programs” section of your Start Menu and look for PhotoStory 3 for Windows.


All other modules used in the Media Tech classroom are locally installed programs so therefore cannot be accessed from home.

Students are welcome to make arrangements to catch up on work by making an appointment with me.  I am usually available before school from 6:50-7:20

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