Climate Change Prezi Presentation Research Project

Day to Day Guidelines

Days 1-3

  1. Navigate through the Climate Change Research Project Site. By now you should have a partner and a topic chosen.
  2. Click on links to the articles that are relevant to your topic and read through them.
  3. Select 5 articles. Read each one and take notes on the Note Catcher. The notes should be a summary or break-down of the article, which you will use to put into your presentation. Today, I expect 2 of these filled out.
  4. Choose ONE EcoRegion to include in your presentation. (See Project Requirements.)

Day 3

  1. Finish reading articles and gathering information on the 8th Grade Climate Change Note Catcher. This document has already been shared with you. Please make a copy, rename it with your First Name, Last Name and Class Period. Please Share this with me, as I will count this as a Behavior grade for you and your partner.

Day 4-5

  1. Compile your Prezi presentation. Click on the link below to watch a tutorial on how you and your partner can collaborate on your Prezi, meaning you can work together on the same Prezi!

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A tutorial to help you learn how to use Prezi  Feb 11, 2014, 9:50 AM Unknown user