Ms. Giallonardo

    Welcome to Ms. Giallonardo's Fourth Grade Class Page! 
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    I am excited to build a supportive and fun, and engaging classroom community of learners with you and your children this school year. I have been teaching for many years and have taught students from Kindergarten through fifth grade. The fourth grade year continues to be my favorite. Fourth graders arrive with an earnest curiosity and are becoming more independent in their learning. First and foremost I strive to create a supportive classroom community where each student knows they are important member of the class. I integrate, model and teach a number of  social competencies such as cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy and self control along with a the following academic competencies: an growth mindset, perseverance,  learning strategies and academic behaviors. These are the building blocks of our community that we will strongly focus on at the start of the year and integrate into our daily learning and routines.

A little about me: I have been teaching since 2000, mainly fourth and fifth grade and have looped a few classes from fourth to fifth grade. Before moving to Teton Valley I lived and taught in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and the Big Island of Hawaii. I have my Masters degree in Literacy but also have a strong passion for teaching Science and integrating the arts into that. When I'm not in my classroom I can be found outside biking, trail running or skiing depending on the season. 
Classroom Newsletter
Each Friday I will send home a Newsletter summarizing the highlights from the week, upcoming events and reminders and homework assignments. 

Writers Workshop
 Writer's Workshop is a highly effective format for process writing instruction that incorporates choice and authentic practices within a consistent mini-lesson format. Teachers provide direct instruction on the writing process, craft, genre and mechanics. Students practice the art and craft of writing across the genres. 

We will use a Readers Response notebook to reflect and discuss the reading we do in class which will span the genres. We will read short stories as well as novels throughout the year. There will also be time for independent reading. 

Home Reading
As life long learners, reading is one of the most important things we can practice! Students are required to read a minimum of twenty minutes each evening and will have a weekly reading log and assignment that will vary depending on the reading strategies and skills we are practicing in class. 

Engage NY is our math curriculum. Each day students will engage in a math discussion, as well as partner work before moving on to individual practice and reflection. Students will receive an exit ticket allowing me to check for understanding. Math homework is assigned most nights, depending on the complexity of the concept. The purpose and goal of math homework is practice, not mastery. 

For more information feel free to check out the curriculum at

In fourth grade we will focus on the scientific process and inquiry based learning. 

Social Studies 
In fourth grade our learning is focused on the history, geography and economics of our state.