4th grade at RUES

Welcome to the fantastic world of fourth grade! The fourth grade team is an amazing group and we are excited to get to know the fourth grade class! We have a lot of exciting events planned for the year! 

Fourth Grade Curriculum 
At RUES we strive to teach in alignment with the learning standards adopted by the state of Idaho. This includes the Idaho Core Standards in Math and English Language Arts, and the Idaho Content Standards in Science, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, and Technology. 

This year, 4th graders will be working with the Engage New York Math Curriculum. This curriculum is available online and has been attached at the bottom of this page. The New York State Department of Education had teams of teachers write this curriculum to align with the Common Core State Standards. We are new to this curriculum, but are very excited about it. Many schools throughout the country are using this program and one in particular has some excellent parent resources. If you're at home, trying to help your child with math,  please check out their webpage!  4th grade math parent resources 

Fourth Grade Team 

Megan Bybee,
Sep 2, 2015, 5:09 PM