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The Idaho Driver Education program is dedicated to providing our students with the tools and skills necessary to become safer drivers.

 What you need to know…

What you will NEED, to be in class:

Be at least 14 ½ years old, Wyoming 15 years old when the class starts.

The fee for the class is $150 (Beginning in 2023, Advanced Opportunities will be available to cover the fee. This document explains the process)  Document

What you need to get your permit


 Website for the Skill testers and phone number.  Site

Useful information about the SKILLS TEST. Here

   Next year for the 2024-2025 School Yr. The class is in Rm 309 at the High School.  Time 6:00 AM-8:00 AM.

To Sign-up click on the class. Wait until the next school year to get your permit for these classes.

 The course syllabus is available syllabus


Idaho Teen Driving

Drivers Ed Course Assignments

Drivers Education Book

Week 1

Mon DAY 1 (Read Ch 1)Welcome/ Student Expectations/ Sign test  --HW 1

Tues DAY 2 QUIZ CH 1(Read Ch 2) Licensing Information/Driving Partners--HW2

Wed DAY 3 QUIZ CH 2 (Read ch3), Traffic laws -- HW3

Thur DAY 4  QUIZ CH 3 (Read Ch 4),  Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings-- HW4               Lane Use Videos

Fri DAY 5 Distractions, Intersection observation and Oil check & tire change

Week 2

Mon DAY 6 QUIZ CH 4,(Read Ch 5)  The Driving Task -- HW5                 Distracted Driving Videos   / You and driving

Tues DAY 7 QUIZ CH 5,(Read Ch 6) Sharing the Road/--HW 6                  Sharing the Road Videos

Wed DAY 8  QUIZ CH 6(Read Ch 7) , Adjusting To Driving Conditions--HW7       Driving Conditions Videos

Thur DAY 9 QUIZ CH 7 (Read Ch 8) Freeway Driving--HW8

Fri DAY 10--  Traffic sign/ Dash Board Drawing  --HW9

Week 3

Mon DAY 11  QUIZ CH 8  (Read Ch 9) , How To Protect Your Driving Privilege---HW10       Videos over Effects of Alcohol 

Tues DAY 12  QUIZ CH 9 (Read Ch 10), Managing time and space--HW 11                     Emergency Situations

Wed DAY 13 QUIZ CH 10 Vehicle Title and Registration--HW12                     Vehicle Check videos

Thur DAY 14 , Sign Review, Study for Final/ HW-Student Contract "Young Drivers-The High Risk Years"/Supervised Driving Guide/permits

FRI DAY 15: Final Exam and final grades!

FinalTest You must get a 80% to pass the test

Practice test Here

Email: Mr. Miskin at  tmiskin@d401.k12.id.us

Sign Test

Instructor forms

Driving Logs