Driver's Ed

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The Idaho Driver Education program is dedicated to providing our students with the tools and skills necessary to become safer drivers.

What you need to know…

What you will NEED, to be in class:

  • AGE

Be at least 14 ½ yrs old, Wyoming 15yrs old when the class starts.

  • Pay the class Fee:

-Idaho Resident $125 (Fees may change)

-Wyoming Resident $225 (Fees may change)

  • Have a drivers permit before class starts (you can get your permit at the Sheriff's office)

What you need to get your permit

  • Photo ID (school card, passport)
  • Certified or Original Birth Certificate--(Make sure last name matches if not you need to bring a marriage license)
  • Social Security Card
  • V.O.C. from your school (verification that you are enrolled in school)
  • Parent/Legal Guardian w/ valid Idaho License-or proof of Idaho residency 
    • Parent and Student MUST be present
  • $21.50 for a permit
If the student has an Idaho Identification card, the ONLY thing needed is a VOC from the school.



CLASSES OFFERED for 2017-2018, will be in Rm 310 at Teton High School. Time 6:00 AM-- 8:00 AM 


Classes Offered 2019-2020

  • June 10- June 28th  (must be born before Dec 10th, 2004)    (CLASS IS FULL)
  • Sep 9- Sept 27th (Must be born before March 9th, 2005)
  • Nov 4th-Nov 22nd (Must be born before May 4th, 2005)
  • Jan 6th-Jan 24th (Must be born before July 6th, 2005)
  • March 2nd-March 20th (Must be born before Sept 2nd, 2005)


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 Course syllabus is available syllabus


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Drivers Ed Course Assignments

Drivers Education Book

Week 1

Mon DAY 1 Welcome/ Student Expectations/ Sign test  --HW 1

Tues DAY 2 QUIZ CH 1 Licensing Information/Driving Partners--HW2

Wed DAY 3 QUIZ CH 2, Traffic laws -- HW3

Thur DAY 4  QUIZ CH 3 ,  Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings-- HW4               Lane Use Videos

Fri DAY 5 Distractions, Intersection observation and Oil check & tire change

Week 2

Mon DAY 6 QUIZ CH 4 The Driving Task -- HW5                 Distracted Driving Videos   / You and driving

Tues DAY 7 QUIZ CH 5, Sharing the Road/--HW 6                  Sharing the Road Videos

Wed DAY 8  QUIZ CH 6 , Adjusting To Driving Conditions--HW7       Driving Conditions Videos

Thur DAY 9 QUIZ CH 7Freeway Driving--HW8

Fri DAY 10--  Traffic sign/ Dash Board Drawing  --HW9

Week 3

Mon DAY 11  QUIZ CH 8 How To Protect Your Driving Privilege---HW10       Videos over Effects of Alcohol 

Tues DAY 12  QUIZ CH 9Vehicle Equipment and Safety--HW 11                     Emergency Situations

Wed DAY 13 QUIZ CH 10, Vehicle Title and Registration--HW12                     Vehicle Check videos

Thur DAY 14 Sign Review, Study for FinalHW-Student Contract "Young Drivers-The High Risk Years"/Supervised Driving Guide and permits

FRI DAY 15Final Exam and final grades!

FinalTest You must get a 80% to pass the test

Practice Test

Instructor forms