For The Week of May 26 - June 2, 2017

TEAM 7-2-ers are Do-ers/Believe-Achieve 

IMAGINE with all your MIND. 

BELIEVE with all your HEART. 

ACHIEVE with all your MIGHT.  


 Forecast for the week of May 26 - June 22017


Mrs. Hagedorn's Language Arts: Next week we will focus on our own identity with activities and poetry writing.

DUE DATES: Tuesday, our Argument Writing essay is due and sentence variety assessment is Wednesday.

REMINDER: Always check GOOGLE CLASSROOM for the Daily Lesson/Assignment/Homework Overview.

Mrs. Stocker's Language Arts:

Reading We will continue writing a argumentative essay based on our reading of The Outsiders, "Knock, Knock", and Stanley Williams/Teen Killer articles.  We will explore possible claims by brain-stoming and collaborate with our peers.  Then we will organize our thinking by using a graphic organizer and collecting evidence.  As the lesson progresses, we will use the ICE method to generate our thinking by introducing our thinking, citing text evidence and explaining with details.  Our final product will be to write a four paragraph essay that addresses our claim.

Grammar: We will develop sentences using vocabulary from the book and develop sentences using a variety of context clues.

Writing: We will continue to work on sentence variation in our writing to support our reading through journal writing for The Outsiders.

Speaking/Listening: We will work on speaking and listening in small group discussions using an academic conversation skills rubric during our Socratic Seminar on Monday. Complete Discussion Questions using "Knock Knock" and The Outsiders.

Mrs. Notter's Math: 
All classes:  Students will continue to work on the data playlist this week.  All tasks, target checks, and final data displays are due at the end of the class period on Thursday, June 1st.  We will wrap up our statistics units on Friday with a playing and analyzing the game of Yahtzee!
Mr. O'Hagan's Science:  We have finished our learning of how nutrients get to and in cells and how those nutrients are used. Next week we will be reviewing in class on Tuesday and Wednesday with the final Summative on Thursday.
Mr. McPeak's  Social StudiesNext week we will wrap up our Civil War Unit with the unit Summative; which will be given on Friday. The students have been given a very straight forward study guide (given on Thursday, May 25th) they should be using to prepare for this test. Next week is also the week that all late, missing, or edited work can be turned in. 

If your child has a teacher on another team you may want to check with that teacher directly via email:
Mrs. Helsel- AT Language Arts 7-3 -
Mr. Springborn - Adv. Math/Math -
Mrs. Stepien - Algebra -
Mrs. Aikens - Algebra -

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to email Joan Hagedorn - Team Leader for Team 7-2