Week of May 23rd-27th

Important Last Day of School Reminders: Next Friday we will have our team celebration. We are starting the day by walking to The Norris Center to watch "The Outsiders." In the event of inclement weather, we will have shuttle buses available to transport students to the Norris Center. 7th grade teams will be providing students with a picnic lunch that includes a hot dog, chips, and water bottle. Please send a sack lunch if your child does not eat hot dogs (the cafeteria will be closed that day). Lastly, students will clean out their lockers on Thursday, so we encourage them to bring a bag to school in order to bring home any materials. Thank you for a great year and we wish all our students and 7-1 families a great summer! 

Class Information

Springborn- Acc Math: Test next Friday on Geometry.  Make sure you take good notes!
                           Reg Math: Test next Friday on Geometry.  Make sure you take good notes!

MATH:   Inequality Test will be Thursday, 5-19-2016.   Please check your child's planner for homework and upcoming quizzes.  
SCIENCE:  Students are continuing to study Ecology.  Please check planners for homework and assessments.   

D'Alesio- Social Studies:  Students will be the Civil War Binder Check and Unit Test on Wednesday, May 25th.  Thank you for such a great year of learning!
    AVID-students will complete our Public Speaking Unit with a speech about Pet Peeves. We will also be watching the the movie "The Great Debaters." Have a great summer!

Michaels- Science :  We are wrapping up our ecology unit with a research project on a biome.  Projects will be due on Monday, May 23rd.  

Duensing- Language Arts -Remember to return borrowed text books.
                        Reading: The Outsiders Audio files in google classroom
                        Writing:  Monday, May 23 -  In class reflection on Chapters 1-7 in The Outsiders.
Mrs. Aikens (Accelerated Math)-Algebra - We have been reviewing for the final which will be given Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.. All Algebra students need to pass this to move on to Geometry next year.  If you know that you  are going to be absent Tuesday or Wednesday please contact Mrs. Aikens immediately.  Thank you and have a good summer. 

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