Thursday, June 1, 2017

  • All Periods - Please read 20-30 minutes every night.  Students need to complete their figurative language scavenger hunt in their independent reading book.  Reading Response #2 of the 4th Quarter Reading Log is due on Friday, May 26.  Periods 1 & 6: Slides 4 & 5 due on Wednesday, May 24.  Slides 6 & 7 due on Tuesday, May 30.  Periods 2 & 7: Minimum of 9 notecards due Tuesday, May 23; Slides 1, 2, & 3 due on Friday, May 26, Slides 4 & 5 due on Wednesday, May 31; Slides 6 & 7 due on Thursday, June 1.
Mrs. Dial Literacy
  • Read 20 minutes and record on log.  
Miss Madia Math
  • Pages 7 and 8 in parallelogram, triangle, and trapezoid packet

Focus: PowerPoint

Social Studies

  • None
  • 5/26/2017 Yes, the book is still missing!  Request for help in finding a lost book:  As part of our Middle East unit, Social Studies classes were reading a few stories from the book Three Wishes: Palestinian and Israeli Children Speak by Deborah Ellis.   I am missing one of the books and thought I would reach out to parents to keep an eye out for it at home.  It's very small and could have easily been scooped up with a binder, chrome book, etc.   I've asked students to look in their lockers but have had no luck in locating the book.   We have moved on to our unit of Africa but I need to return the book to our LRC.   Thanks for your help!

  • Students need to charge their chrome book every night, so that it is fully charged for the next school day.
  • Just a reminder:   It will be helpful if students have an inexpensive set of earbuds or headphones they can use in class.  With the availability of Chromebooks in all classes, earbuds are helpful as we access websites and other educational material to support our curriculum.