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Homework Hotline

Thursday, June 1,  2017

  • Morton Arboretum field trip is on Tuesday, May 30th.
Language Arts - Mrs. Cwinski
  • Extra Credit - 1. domesticating; 2. apparel; 3. appreciate; 4. fibers; 5. minute; 6. inhibit; 7. hatch; 8. function; 9. continuous; 10. sheds; 11. motion; 12. sheath; 13. emerge; 14. transferred; 15. dissolving 
  • Vocabulary test - Wednesday, May 17th
  • CNN Hero Presentation (working on in class)- Due Thursday, May 18th
  • Final Book reviews due - May 31st
Math - Mrs. Schmitt:      
  Today students made nets to a rectangular prism.  Students should complete #1 only for Friday's  net, surface area, and volume to rectangular prism.  Do show work.

Social Studies - Mrs. Gupta
  •  Current Event #2 for our China Newscast due Tuesday, May 23.  Turn your current event report in on Google Classroom.
Science - Mrs Kocmond
  • Complete Homework 9.2 and Reading 9.2.
  • If you forget your workbook you can always access it in Classroom. Go to the About tab and the website is there with the password. To view the workbook open the Student Edition (PDF) or you can listen to some of the Readings.