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Weekly Classroom Update



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Coming Up on Team 6-1  ~ November 11 , 2016


·         If you have yet to do so, please sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences on Monday Nov. 21 or Tuesday Nov. 22 with your child’s FIRST HOUR teacher.  Sign up using HAC.


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Language Arts


(Mrs. Cwinski)


This week students demonstrated their knowledge of stoplight paragraph structure and character traits.  Next week students will receive their assessments back for review. On Wednesday, November 16th, students will have their second vocabulary assessment.  We will also watch the movie "The Mighty", permission slips are due by Wednesday.  The first book review for the quarter is due Monday, November 28th.  Ask your child about options for Book Review alternatives.  


Social Studies

(Mrs. Gupta)


Yesterday students did a very nice job writing letters to active duty service members as part of our Veteran’s Day activities.  We send the letters to members of the military through Operation Gratitude.

Next week students will be completing a data analysis project on a country in the Middle East.  They will be learning demographic terms such as life expectancy, literacy rate, GDP, religion, language, internet users, & types of government and comparing data between different countries in the region.

In class next week, they will create a “country cube” to demonstrate their understanding and display their information.



(Mrs. Kocmond)


Next week students will be learning how light transmits through different objects.



 (Mrs. Schmitt)


Students will use GCF in distributive property problems next week. The next quiz will be on finding LCM, GCF, and using the distributive property.  I am hoping the quiz will be before Thanksgiving Break.