Hello Auto Club,

Enjoy the rest of your SUMMER!!!!!

**Summer BBQ**

We all had fun, current students and alum.

Glad to see all who were able to make it.

The Car Show was a Success!!!

85 Registered Cars on a cloudy day...

Thanks to all the students, staff and alumni for all of the parts they played in

making the show a success.

The new ballot counting system was also a success--

winners announced in record time.

And super cool was the fact that the Mustang was able to be started at the show. She lives!!! We were able to start it and show our crowd where some of their support goes!

Spring 2018 Auto Club Board:

Jackson Dietrich

David Stoica

Thank you to:

The Auto Club Board for Fall 2017:

David Stoica

Joe Utz

Johanna Wieden

**Remember, safety contracts MUST be turned in

before you can work in the shop.**

(everyone must turn in a safety contract)

Autos Club now has a Google Classroom-join using the code in your email.

If you need service hours or are just interested in doing some service,

talk to Mr. Straiker or Mrs. Johnson.

The Official Autos Club Instagram account has been set up! Check it out...

**Don't forget to keep your membership current if you are interested in participating in field trips.**

Interested??  For future engine team participants, check out the links below.

Engine Challenge links:   http://www.raceperformanceexpo.com       http://www.hotroddersoftomorrow.com

Anything else on your mind?  Let us know.

Mr. S and Mrs. J

Project Leaders for 2017-18:

Mustang (engine)  -

Mustang (body) -

Engine Challenge Competition - Tyler Nowak

Outside Work Coordinators - Board & Mr. S