Congratulations to all of our seniors! Good luck with all of your future endeavors.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer. Mr. Straiker and I are planning a BBQ for July 19th for our recent grads and current members. It will be from 11a to 2p. Bring your own meat and beverages, Mr. S & Mrs. J will bring the sides. Email us if you have questions!

The Auto Show was AWESOME!!!! Thank you to all who worked and helped make it a HUGE success!!! We had 127 registered vehicles--a new record over last year's 111 registered vehicles. Perfect weather and hard work paid off.

Photos will be posted so check back...

A HUGE thank you also to those workers who are among our alumni and shared their time the day of the car show helping Auto Club.

If you need service hours or are just interested in doing some service, talk to Mr. Straiker or myself. 

The field trip to World of Wheels  was loads of fun. Pictures will be posted soon-check back...

CONGRATULATIONS to our engine team-we are so proud of you-a wonderful showing at Hod Rodder's of Tomorrow in Schaumburg on Saturday 2/25. Thanks to all club members, parents and others who came out to support us.

 Check out the above links to see how the engine challenge works. Also, see our photos on this website.

The Official Autos Club Instagram account has just been set up! 

**Remember, safety contracts MUST be turned in 
before you can work in the shop.**

The auto club board is:  Jack Barcel, Ryan Differding, Kyle Middendorf, Alex Nicolas, Gino Rotella, Owen Schmid, Tim Sheahan and Johanna Wieden. Contact them as our club leaders. Kyle will be leaving the board after the engine competition to join the track team. Wish him luck with his new endeavor.

The May 2016 STCE Auto Car, Truck and Bike Show:

111 registered vehicles - that is a 39% increase over our previous high number.  The weather is a big factor in that, but our reputation, and the marketing we all did contributed greatly to this increase. A high standard for next year...

**Don't forget to keep your membership current if you are interested in participating in field trips.** 

Anything else on your mind?  Let us know.

Mr. S and Mrs. J

Project Leaders:

Mustang (engine)  - Owen
Outside Work Coordinator - Ryan
Engine Teardown Competition - Gus
Bicycle / Gas Engine Conversion - Alex
Go-Kart - Johanna/Joe
Mustang (body) - Tim