Social Studies

District 303 Conceptual Framework for Social Studies

Students of D303 live in a democratic society that is globally connected, culturally diverse, constantly changing, technologically driven, and information rich. Therefore, they must be civically engaged, creative, critical thinkers who are globally and culturally aware, financially literate, able to work in diverse groups, and solve complex problems in order to achieve college, career, and civic-life readiness.

Toward this end, Social Science learning is simultaneously focused within two complementary categories: engagement with key disciplinary concepts and development of inquiry skills. Through their studies, students will explore questions which serve as the foundation for the Social Science disciplines, and engage them with issues facing our community, state, nation, and world. By exploring multiple perspectives (historical and contemporary, local and global), they will emerge with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, dispositions, and behaviors necessary to be informed and active citizens.

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