Tiger Paw Studio News

This is our Explore Week Keith Haring Mural.  It has made the Art Hall very lively!

These are just some of the Animal Totem Poles that were created by our Explore Week groups>  They are on display around our school.

We are now accepting donations to our sculpture center.  Please bring in any boxes, cardboard, tubes, or items you might not need at home to our Art room.  Thanks!!

Tiger Paw Studio

                    Artists of the Month

                        March  2016

                                                         3:  Evie B.
                                                             Max B.
                                                         4:  Juliana F.
                                                             Ty B.
                                                         5:  Xavier F.
                                                             Jane P.

                   These artists have demonstrated creativity, their understanding of the artistic process, and great effort in our studio!  Congratulations to them!! Keep up the great work!!

                                                      Contact me at:
Julie Lambert
Richmond Intermediate School